How Apple Finds Jailbreak Exploits & Fixes Them

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Whenever hackers release a jailbreak for a new firmware, after a couple of days/weeks you hear Apple has patched that exploit. So how does Apple find those jailbreak exploits and patch them? Read ahead to find out.

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Whenever jailbreak hackers want to find an exploit they try out all different ways, making changes here and there. As a result of making these changes a particular program crashes and that is when Apple is notified.

Whenever any program crashes, your iPhone iPad or iPod touch or any Apple device generates a “crash report”. These crash reports contain all the data regarding a particular “exploit” and that is how Apple is notified about it.

You might be wondering there are millions of Apple devices out there and my one single crash won’t have any major impact on finding exploits. Well you are right about a “single” crash report but when hackers are trying to find exploits they have to crash a particular program thousands and thousands of times according to Chronic Dev team.

Why not just stop sending crash reports so Apple wont be able to fix any jailbreak exploit. 

Well you can stop sending crash reports by going to your iTunes settings but then again even if you are at a friends house and plug-in your iPhone to computer it automatically sends all these crash reports to Apple even if you want to charge your iPhone.

Well now thanks to Chronic Dev Team this all can be changed. Instead of sending crash reports to Apple you can now send to Chronic dev team who can develop even better jailbreak exploits.

So expect faster releases of untethered jailbreaks in future.

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