iPad 3 To Have A5X Chip Not A6 Processor (Report)

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The rumor mill is in full swing regarding the next generation device from Apple, the iPad 3. In what appears to be a serious of rumors since the last couple of days we have another one to add to the list and this time, it is regarding the processor of iPad 3. It was expected that iPad 3 would have the shiny new powerful A6 processor but now according to a forum at a Chinese site, it seems something else. A new A5X processor.

iPad 3 A5X processor

This new A5X chip was not heard of before as many including as at Maypalo expected Apple to introduce A6 processor for the new iPad which is expected to be launched in the first week of March.

The above picture shows the logic board of the iPad 3 and with it “A5X” processor.

Apple had introduced A4 processors for the iPhone 4, then A5 for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and logically it made sense that Apple would introduce the A6 processor but the picture above shows its something different. Now you might be wondering; it’s just a name A6 or A5X, it doesn’t really matter. Folks, it does matter.

The name A5X suggests a slightly upgraded version of the current one being used in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. A6 processor suggested a complete new quad core processor, a “much’ powerful compared to the current A5.

The A5X’s data code mentions “1146” which shows a date of production between 14-20 November 2011 (46th week of 2011). It can be considered an “early prototype” for the iPad 3.

So now the question remains is whether Apple going to introduce A6 processor or the A5.

It is expected that the next generation iPad will have a retina display, 8MP camera (it was discovered just today) and LTE technology. Only time can tell what Apple has in store for us.

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