Top 10 Best Free Cydia Apps For iPhone In 2012

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At last you jailbroke your iPhone which is something really good but that is not it, as now its the time to fill your iPhone with amazing cydia apps that will introduce you to a complete new world of apps. But if you are out of money to enjoy these apps than no need to worry as here we are going to tell about the Top 10 Best Free Cydia Apps For iPhone In 2012. This means without investing a single penny you can get these incredible apps into your iPhone.

Cydia Apps For Free

10. Winterboard Free Cydia App

If theming your iPhone is something you are interested in than this app is made for you only, as winterboard gives you a chance to change the springboard, call screen, locked screen and much more. This cydia app also makes the iPhone apps, especially the music apps very attractive with it unique themes and decent graphics, that changes the entire look of your iPhone.

Download Winterboard Free Cydia app from BigBoss repository.

9. Qik Free Cydia App

Qik is also a free cydia app, through which you can capture all your favorite moments into your iPhone. This app gives you the opportunity to record videos in high quality, which usually depends on the network connection of the phone and gives best result when using a WiFi.

Download Qik Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

8.  PdaNet Free Cydia App

PdaNet is truly one of the most useful cydia app that is never provided by AT&T, as it thinks this app will overload. But cydia store provides this for Free. Through this you can easily connect your iPhone to your computer with the help of wireless connection or even through the USB connection.

Download PdaNet Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

7. FolderCloser Free Cydia App


FolderCloser is that kind of Cydia Tweak that saves your time by making your work on iPhone very quick. This app removes the Apples decision, which is annoying, shown when you close an app. This means now open the app, use it and than close it without any interference.

Download FolderCloser Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

6. Mx Tube Free Cydia App

Here comes the sixth of the top 10  free best cydia apps for iPhone, which is Mx Tube. Using this app for jailbroken iPhone you can download any song from YouTube and save it in your iPhone to listen to it later. Furthermore you can even make donations to the composer or singer.

Download Mx Tube Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.  

5. AptBackup Free Cydia App

Whenever you update your iPhone with a new firmware version than all your beloved cydia apps are lost, which means you have to start from the very beginning to collect them all again. But AptBackup has solved this problem too. This free Cydia app simply makes a backup copy of the list of jailbroken cydia apps in your iPhone and then reinstalls them easily once the installing of new firmware version is completed. This app is no doubt extremely useful and cost free.

Download AptBackup Cydia App From BigBoss Repository.pp

4. Backgrounder Free Cydia App

This app is specially designed to promote multitasking in your iPhone, which means that through backgrounder you can run more than one application at the same time. On your screen there will appear only a small icon to denote the going on of a task in background.

Download Backgrounder Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

3. AppLinks Free Cydia Apps

AppLinks is again a time saver cydia app that provides a direct link to you of the apps you want to go to. Through this amazing app you now don’t need to search long for your favorite app in your iPhone but just go to this AppLinks and search for your app and you will get the shortcut to your app in no time, isn’t this cydia app truly useful?

Download AppLinks Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

2. Activator Free Cydia App

Activator is an amazing cydia app that gives you direct indications about the activities that are are going on in iPhone. The small icons that are displayed on the screen, for example when your iPhone is connected to the charger, are indications which are extremely advance and helpful. Furthermore, through this you can update your locations, add icon to menus, add handset connected or not events and much more.

Download  Activator Free Cydia  App from BigBoss Repository.

1. SBSetting Free Cydia App

SBSetting is that special cydia app for which all iPhone users want to jailbreak their phones, as this app is free and provides shortcuts to all those options that are mandatory to be used almost everyday. SBSetting directly takes you to WiFi, Bluetooth etc. With that it even frees the memory of your iPhone. Thus this cydia app is on the top of the list.

Download SBSettings Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

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    • you can with the below mentioned technique. I would recommend using Greenpoison/absinthe and JB that way. I have heard a few horror stories about the JB. I used Greenpoison and Cydia was installed on my i phone in 3-5 minutes ! it’s pretty scary when you are new to the JB scene and your phone crashes because you don’t know how to fix JB problems and you think the phone is wrecked forever. just install one tweak at a time and make sure it’s working before moving on to other tweaks. trying to figure out which tweak is incompatible can be a nightmare when you are new to Cydia.

  1. If you want a quick way to download cydia go to on your ipod’s or iphone’s moblile browser. All you have to do is slide the slider at the bottom of the page and wait. Hope this helped. 🙂

  2. Does anyone know of a cydia app for downloading free movies? seem to be loads people mention on youtube but each one i have found wants me to pay

  3. Jailbreak is inferior and expensive. I would not have gone through the trouble if I had know everything in Cydia worth using costs Money (even tethering).

    Get an android device and download Cyanamod. FAR SUPERIOR to the Jailbreak nonsense.

    …and no, I would never have bought an iCrap. Apple is a client so my firm hands them out like candy. Apple products are for the incompetent.

  4. maharshi parekh

    i want some nice cydia apps
    top 10 apps hav became old go can u give me some nice app name ..
    hope u help me out

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