Top 5 Best iPhone Cydia Tweaks For Music In 2012

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The app store is full of music apps but if you want to enjoy more amazing music apps than you must jailbreak your iPhone and get cydia tweaks for music into your iPhone. This means your iPhone is good enough to nourish your passion for music through some mind blowing cydia tweaks. Thus here comes Top 5 Best iPhone Cydia Tweaks For Music In 2012.

Cydia Music Tweaks

5. MusicBanner Cydia Tweak

This cydia tweak keeps you updated of the song that is being played on your iPhone, through a banner on your home screen or if your iPhone is locked than on the lock screen. MusicBanner is quite useful,especially when you are listening to the songs in shuffle mode and do not know the artist or album name of a particular song, than through this tweak you can know all these stuff, without even unlocking your phone.

Price: Free

Download MusicBanner from BigBoss repo.

4. SiriLoveLyrics Cydia Tweak

If you are a song lover and always want to memorize the lyrics of all the new songs than SiriLoveLyrics is something designed just for you. Through this app you can get the lyrics of all the songs present in your iPhone and sing with it. You can verbally command your iPhone to show lyrics while listening to the song, by saying ‘show text’ or ‘search for lyrics’.

Price: $ 0.99 

Download SiriLoveLyrics from ModMyi repo.

3. Music Box Cydia Tweak


This is something very attractive for music lovers. Music Box is that amazing tweak through which you can not only search but also download and play music for free. Moreover, this tweak also keep you updated of the new songs weekly, hence you can search millions of songs and can remain connected to music.

Price: Free

Download Music Box from BigBoss.

2.Awesome Music Controller Cydia Tweak

This amazing tweak, called awesome music controller, keeps you aware of the songs being played on your iPhone by showing a banner on your home screen and even on locked screen about the album and artists of the song. This means you don’t need to dig now into your settings to search all this stuff.

Price: $0.99

Download Awesome Music Controller from BigBoss repo.  

1. SBMucic Cydia Tweak

This amazing cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhone give you a chance to transform your playlist into an icon on your home screen. This means that SBMusic gives a quick access to favorite playlist. You can even choose the picture of your own choice for creating the icon.

Price: $0.99

Download SBMusic from ModMyi repo.

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  1. When you state the name of an app, as a proper name, put it in quotes, italics, bold it…anything!

    This amazing tweak, called awesome ‘Music Controller’

  2. I know this is off topic but can someone please please please tell me where I can find the wallpaper shown in the Awesome Music Player Screenshot??

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