How to uninstall Cydia Apps From Your iPhone!

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Want to get rid of all those apps boring Cydia Apps which you installed long time ago? But don’t know how to uninstall them, so don’t worry, here are the complete details as how to uninstall all those Cydia Apps which you don’t want to use anymore. If you have tried all the regular methods of tapping and holding and making them jiggle but not seeing the handy App Store app “delete” icon into corner? Check out all the details below to get your problem solved.

It is very easy to uninstall any Cydia App, all you need to do is, follow some basic steps and you will get rid of all unwanted Cydia Apps. So here is the list:

1. Launch The Cydia App store.

2. Once you are in the Cydia store tap the manage button, located along the bottom toolbar.

3. At the top you will find a ‘package’ button, to the top of the manage pane.

4. Now search in the alphabetical list the name of the Cydia app you want to delete.

5. Tap the app, to be taken to its respective pane.

6. Select the modify button, at the upper corner.

7. After accomplishing all the above steps, you will get the option to restore or delete the Cydia Apps you want to.

8. And in the end just tap the ‘confirm’ key, all unwanted stuff will be removed from your iDevice screen.


This is a very easy way to remove all the unwanted stuff but if it is still a bit tricky for you so checkout this Cydia App, which will help you to uninstall all the stuff you don’t want. This Cydia App is known to be ‘Cydelete’. This allows you to delete Apps buy simply taping them and pressing the ‘x’ button. It is very helpful and with all this you can remove all the unwanted stuff.

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