Will Apple Be Releasing iPad Mini’s Media Event’s Invitations On October 10?

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Not as much as iPhone 5, but iPad mini also received many rumors and claims about its design and name. This is may be because customers are quite inquisitive to know about this new innovation of the fruit company. Thus each one is interested to know about the release of this new product and you will be enchanted to know that we have brought you the information about release date of iPad mini, so read on to know the story.

The details of this news were received from a “major Apple investor” that the Cupertino, California-based company will be releasing invitations for the special iPad Mini event on October 10th. From this we can make an estimate the event and the release of iPad mini will take place toward the end of the month. And then after a bit more time, the product will finally be hitting the stores.

This tablet is a smaller and a cheaper version of iPad, which has been ruling the market for around two and half year and hence same type of success is been expected by its tiny version, that is said to be sleek and stylish, with 7.85-inch screen.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that on October 10, it is said that Apple will only be releasing the invitations and the media event will be held later on. But one thing is should also not to be forgotten is that Apple always shows a quite poor performance in leaking such news about its upcoming products, so only after the official announcement of event and issuance of invitations by the company itself, we can be sure about it.

What do think is this just a claim or the truth?

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