Samsung’s Contribution To iPhone 5

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The Apple vs. Samsung war has now turned cold but it’s not over and now it seems to be ever-lasting. Both the companies always try to show that they are the supreme ones. In this war Samsung has taken another step and highlighted the Samsung’s contributions to iPhone 5. If you are thinking as how and why would Samsung help, in the making of iPhone 5, then to tell you that this has been said by the chief executive of Samsung. Read on to know what he meant to deliver.

The chief executive of Samsung said that it was the Samsung-owned wireless patents which helped Apple to produce its handsets. His statement clearly shows he wants to highlight Samsung’s contribution to iPhone 5. He also described his company’s strongest point that Samsung is very strong in terms of portfolios of wireless patents.

The reason for this sudden reaction by Samsung is the decision of U.S International Trade Commission (USITC)  to review an earlier ruling that Apple didn’t infringe four patents of Samsung Electronics in its mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. This means that now Samsung is having a chance to convince the jury that fruit company infringed on Samsung-owned wireless patents and if the jury got convinced then it will be a huge loss for Apple. As then the company won’t be able to sell iPhones and iPads. The decisions are likely to be announced in January next year.

But this doesn’t mean that Samsung is enjoying a stronger position in this fight, however this is quite true that the company’s legal team will do its best to win the trial. Furthermore, Samsung is not currently working on negotiation with the iPhone makers for any sort of peace treaty.

But predictions are being made that the two companies will come to a settlement, especially after agreement made between Apple and HTC about their global patent battle. With that, as per the patent experts Apple is negotiating with Google to reach a separate settlement in an attempt to put more focus on the fight with Samsung.

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