“Cheap” Budget iPhone Pictures Get Leaked! (Images)

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A day doesn’t go by without a rumor regarding the next generation iPhone. But unlike others I am not talking about the high-fi iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 whichever one you prefer calling. I’m talking about the “cheap” budget iPhone that is going to be launched this year. Well guess what folks, the pictures regarding the budget iPhone have been leaked! Check it out below.

Budget iPhone Leaked Pictures

The competition from other smartphone manufacturers has made Apple change its strategy. Instead of only releasing expensive smartphones, like the usual iPhone, Apple this time will go for a budget iPhone. This budget iPhone according to many analyst is predicted to dominate the developing markets such as China, Pakistan and India.

Many people are now wondering how the cheap iPhone would look like. Whenever the word “cheap” comes into your mind, you automatically assume that it is going to be bad or something inferior, but this is different. CEO of Pegatron, a company that makes parts for the iPhone, has mentioned recently that the budget iPhone won’t be cheap and definitely will not be “bad”.

Well we now have some leaked pictures of the budget iPhone, check it out below.

leaked budget iPhone

The picture above is the shell of the leaked cheap iPhone that is going to be unveiled by Apple later this year. This leaked image comes in courtesy of Nowhereelse.fr, which has previously been accurate when it comes to leaked Apple parts.

As you can see from the image above, which is supposedly the leaked shell of the budget iPhone, it does match what we have been hearing from quite sometime regarding the cheap iPhone.

Well, like all rumors regarding an Apple product, nothing should be taken as confirmed until the final day. So just take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

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