One Million iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Get Jailbroken On The First Day!

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One million! That is the number of iPhone 4S and iPad 2’s that got jailbroken on the first day of the release of Absinthe. The first jailbreaking tool to jailbreak iPhone 4S and the second one to jailbreak iPad 2.

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Absinthe which was released a couple of days ago become the most popular jailbreaking tool ever, with a staggering 1 million iPhone 4S and iPad 2’s jailbroken, and guess what? These numbers only account for the Mac downloads, not the Windows version one which got released later.

Absinthe jailbreaking tool for A5 devices was created by the “Dream Team” which included famous hackers such as @planetbeing, @musclenerd, @pod2g and the Chronic plus the iPhone Dev team members.

Absinthe jailbreak was so popular that greenposion severs were down for most of the time due to the huge traffic that resulted from downloading the jailbreak tool.

This “one million downloads” proves that demand for jailbreaking iOS devices keeps growing over the years as Apple keeps rolling out new software updates for their very popular devices.

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7 Comments to One Million iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Get Jailbroken On The First Day!

  1. One million needed a Jailbreak for yours iPhones & iPads… but two million we need unlock for 4.11.08 baseband!… we cant wait more! please!!!

  2. Yeah! imagine if they release the unlock for 4.11.08 the world would go nuts. It is like telling the world we have cure for HIV. LOL

    This DEV Team really gone mainstream

  3. 4.11.08 the number of the devil.
    We beleave in you guys,but its stupid i have a iPhone 4 locked to swisscom because was a offer and my phone right now is a cheap 20€ old phone.
    My iPhone 4 is now a piece of crap to listen music and surf the net at home.
    Please unlock this fucking baseband im going crazy ….

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