Here Is How To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Locked To AT&T

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Most of you who are waiting for an unlock solution for iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 have tried almost everything to unlock your expensive iPod touch, while many have turned out to be fake, here we have one that might actually be working. The thing to note here is that this method works only for AT&T locked iPhones. So here is how to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 locked to AT&T.

baseband 4.11.08

You might already be familiar with AT&T; the company that is notorious when it comes to unlocking iPhones, they simply do not unlock iPhones. But as it has turned out there is an option to unlock iPhone locked to AT&T and yes we are talking about the infamous baseband 4.11.08. Those of you who are tired of waiting for the unlock can simply unlock using this method.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08

We are proud to offer a permanent unlock solution for your AT&T iPhone. Having your iPhone remotely unlocked will allow you to use your iPhone on any GSM carrier. All you need to do is choose the carrier your iPhone is LOCKED to, provide us with your IMEI number, and purchase this service. We will then permanently unlock your iPhone remotely (usually 5-15 business days. This service works for all AT&T iPhones, the 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S

So this is it, right? We should all get happy that we can now finally unlock our locked iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08? Well although your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 can be unlocked using this method, you have to pay a hefty price and when i mean hefty, i literally mean. To unlock an iPhone 4 it will cost you a whopping $199.99. 

Now that is outright insane amount of money to unlock your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08.

But if you simply can’t wait to use your iPhone 4 you can head over to HERE   (cutyoursim)  and get it unlocked.

Remember this is only for AT&T so those of you who have iPhones locked to other networks can’t try this method. As this method is “Remote Unlock” it does not matter which country you are in, you can get your locked iPhone 4 (AT&T) unlocked!

What do you think, will you get your iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlocked for $199.99? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE 1: The site, cutyoursim is down, this is due to servers not handling enough traffic as soon as it is back up. We will let you know.

UPDATE 2: The site is back up and have reduced their price, the new price is $184.99.

UPDATE 3: Many in the comment section are worried that this might be a scam. Cutyoursim has a good track record so you can be sure it’s not.

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222 Comments to Here Is How To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Locked To AT&T

      • It is a fake. I have true experience with them. They never unlock … I lost my money too … This is how they put false comments and try to cheat ppl.

        Be careful… Dont make a mistake which i did.

      • Exactly i called apple and they said that my iphone was bought in uk in july 2011 and that orange uk unlock their devices after 3 monts for 20 £ . For me it was quite difficoult to call orange because i wasn’t their customer and i don’t live in uk so, i used . You have to specify the carrier and imei code and after 3 days ( i’ve waited only 2 days) they will send an email to you with the instructions.
        Put your phone on itunes and do an update or system reset. In any case the phone will do just the beginning of the procedure and then will appear in itunes the message:” congratulation, your iphone is unlocked”.
        Personally i did everything with a foreign sim inside the phone and it worked. Now it’s permanent unlocked and i can also update for future firmware and NO jailbreak needed!

        In any case watch on the prices, every operator has a different costs. For example a friend of mine has paid 51$ for telnor ( denmark) .

        By now is the best and esiest way to unlock!

        Best wishes!

  1. I am Brazilian and I am thinking of purchasing this service (despite the high price), but I wonder if this is reliable. Does anyone know? ..

  2. You have to wait 5 to 15 business days. I hear 5.1 is likely to be released by next week. Totally not worth it but that’s just me.

  3. Got a notice from yesterday that they have started this service (seems like they were the first to start/announce it but the price is so high.

    Problem is that it is to risky to wait for the price to go down as no one knows how long the service will be available.

  4. Can spend 50$ dats it … Rather i ll gift my iphone(ipod) to my US frnd …200$ r u kiddin me .. Its not worth it.

  5. Again, we are moving our site to a new host, since the old host could not handle the traffic and suspended the site. Stay tuned.

  6. Luca from Italy

    Is it a sketch to Stan Laurel & oliver Hardy?
    I want to spend much moreeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pff that is insane. I bought an used 3gs for $170 and i have the possibility to sell it or keep it as a back up phone.

  8. Callum Terry

    The traffic is huge to the site so it’s down. They need bigger servers and they also need to offer less money!

  9. Please help me how to buy the A&T service for unlocking. Any dealing to discount depending on iphone4 version…? Thanks

  10. I would do it for $120 not more because its factory unlock. I will keep waiting for the Gevey Solution and also not more than $55 for it.

  11. Ios 5.1 is coming on the next week, so let´s wait and see if Gevey will release Gevey Sim 2. Or i am gonna pay that money.

  12. Their website is back, and they reduced the price to $184.99 again. Still to much for the unlock. Does anybody know anything about How do we know whether these guys are reliable?

  13. Only dumb poeple would go for this kind of expensive unlock, smart poeple would do it this way: sell you locked iphone 4 for $400 add $200 that dumb poeple would waist for the unlock go buy an iphone 4S that you can unlock.


      good luck with that, why someone would buy a locked iphone for USD400 is beyond me. Checked ebay and the locked ATT ones now go between USD200-USD250, tsktsktsk.

  14. LOL you people are really priceless, now that there is an unlock available you are complaining about its price? Gee, last time I checked nothing comes for free.

    • the price of the unlock is more expensive than my used Iphone lol. Thats why people are complaining.

  15. No need to pay this price i got mine done for 125usd at its the same service 100% cheaper!

      • this video… is great….. but… can i ask 1 question about redsnow…. redsnow can update ur iphone????? if not.. y ipod icon from ios 4 to ios 5? if this video fake.. i think… this person got 2 iphone… but… no brain… =)

    • Dude s a reliable one ??r u sure ??planned to unlock my iphone 4 there ??pls help me in guiding me !!!

  16. Ha tariq thank you i was skeptical and they said they would do an exception for me and i got my iphone unlocked factory through itunes today. For everyone it works 100% permanent unlock i would suggest getting it fast these things dont be available for long.I checked stats and they are legit So buy there now!

  17. Don’t worry they just kidding for the price..

    If anyone fall for that bait price.. I will include them on the list of DUMBNESS IDIOT!

    • Também sou Brasileiro e tenho um iphone at&t, mas ainda não tentei.. fiquei tentado a tentar o do por 125 dólares (apesar de ser um preço salgado e, mais que isso, não ter garantia de que funcionará). Só acho o cúmulo não existir uma lei nos E.U.A. que obrigue as operadoras a desbloquearem os aparelhos gratuitamente, como ocorre no Brasil.

      • Yo, Rob Puert any news about the phone unlock???
        Let us know soon as u can!!!
        Please you guys that are wating, let us Know if worked, soon as you get the response and had try the phone!

        • Eu paguei 125 dólares a gsmfast no dia 02/03/2012 e recebi um e-mail pedindo confirmação de IMEI e modelo do iPhone em 06/03/2012 mas até agora não recebi confirmação de desbloqueio. Continuo aguardando.

          I paid $ 125 to gsmfast on March 2, 2012, I received an e-mail them asking for confirmation of the Iphone model and IMEI on March 6, 2012 but so far have received NO confirmation of unlock. Still waiting.

  18. Andres Jimenez

    So at the end it was not so infamous… Everything, the show about not beintg able to ckrack the base band was just bullshit, it was about ripping the people off, taking advantage of the people because of their despair and need. The sense on defeating a code became so cheap all I say is that it aint funny anymore screw the iphone 4 and the people who’s taking advantage of this situation. Mypalo, one thing is to inform and something different is to use your power to lead, the way you “informed” sounds like you are part of the business. And this is not about complaining like somebody says this is about fairness.

    Just 2 cents.

  19. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one with egg on my face after I landed on the DUMBNESS IDIOT LIST!!!

  20. I just bought my iphone unlock at Seems legit customer support and they accept paypal.They have good reviews on youtube yahoo answers etc.

    • and how does it work you give them your IMEI, and they do the rest? or you need to enter a new one?

  21. Payed for the service today from , figure this will be nicer than a gevey sim, cause it will be permanently unlocked, my credit card company said if the don’t come through with the promised product to call and they will take the charge off.will let everyone know if it works, I have and at &t iPhone 4 and they say it works with that one specifically so well see.

  22. Guys great news I got my iphone unlocked. From use this service from they did mine for 125usd.I plugged my iphone into itunes after recieving mail from them this morning and then itunes told me it was deactivated. Anxiously i plugged in my tmobile sim and bam it worked! By the way i bought this 9 days ago. So they take a few days But they are legit and im proof it worked.

  23. Yesterday I placed my order with I received a confirmation from PayPal and I also contacted them through Facebook and received a reply saying they would be sending it out on Monday. Will keep you updated! Looking forward to saying goodbye to 4.11.08 and trying to forget those dreadful numbers forever.

        • Received communication yesterday that from today (they will be sending imei today, because they don’t work on weekends) that it will be 5-15 days before unlock comes. The customer service has been very good and I receive replies within a few hours (even on weekend).

          • Update: March 6th - Today I received an e-mail from gsmfast that asked for confirmation of model and imei number. Attached was also the receipt from the transaction through PayPal.

            I have been in communication with gsmfast and their service is very good. Also, I received this e-mail without having to communicate with gsmfast to show they are proactive and also want to do their job well as they were double checking model and imei numbers. Will update when receiving other information just to keep following through!


            Unlock purchased through

  24. Guys i got mine done. took 10 days
    iPhone 4S 16GB White (5.0.1)
    IMEI: 013007009908328
    Serial: C39GNQLKDTD0
    Limited Warranty: 2011-11-05 / 2012-11-08
    Sold to country: United States
    Carrier: Not available
    SIM-Lock Status: Unlocked

    I got mine done at

    • Hey Kevin, they sent you an email announcing the unlock and requesting that you connected the iphone to itunes?..

  25. To all customers that plan on buying our iphone unlock solution.I was referred here by another customer.I just want to inform you all that we are 100% legitimate you can check our feedback on google. Also we have our facebook page
    We accept 100% trustworthy paypal. Unlock all iphone by just the imeis.And the entire procedure takes within 5-15 days.
    We have great customer support and If for some reason the service doesnt work we will 100% refund you without hesitation.
    Thank you and hope you have a great shopping experience with us.

    msn- [email protected]
    [email protected]

  26. Hello
    there are people who really unlock iphone 4 at & t? And now it is to be fully unlock and works fine?? I want to also take advantage of this

  27. Hello;

    In my Locked Iphone 4 (that is working like Ipod) the carrier appears like: Carrier Lab 11.0
    Anybody knows what is it mean?
    I’d like to know if this unlock solution works, too.

  28. Ivan there are some websites saying they unlock i4 bb 4.11.08 locket to at&t, just like ifactoryunlock, and cutyoursim. i think the best we can do is wait if all of this is true and if gevey sim will release gevey sim 2, now that ios 5.1 is arribing. I tweet to cutyoursim and they said the unlock is like factory unlock, but is not. i´m waiting till next week and see what happen.

  29. Fabio from BRASIL

    Hi everybody
    I have paid US$ 125 to unlock my iPhone 4 version 5.0.1 BB 04.11.08 yesterday, at the site
    They said it would take about 7 to 12 days to unlock it.
    Waiting to see what happens and I will for sure let you all know the end of this history that I hope to be happy…

    • Did you get a mail from them or something?
      I had paid them 2 days ago for unlocking 2 iphones and I haven’t heard anything from them. I’ll wait for another 2 days or else I’ll do a charge back.. Slow customer support

      • Fábio from BRASIL

        Just from the biling company. From, until now, nothing. But below, written in portuguese, there is a brazilian fellow that bought from them the same on march 02 and received an email from them just today (march 07). So I think we should wait…

      • Fábio from BRASIL

        Got an email from them yesterday saying they are working on it and should deliver the unlock in the time estimated (7 to 12 days). So, still waiting…

    • Olá Fabio, também sou Brasileiro e adquiri este serviço (na última sexta feira 02/03/2012.. Também estou aguardando, eles me enviaram um e-mail ontem pedindo para confirmar o IMEI e o modelo do iphone.. agora é aguardar!!

          • Fabio from BRASIL

            Hoje entrei em contato com eles. Mandei um email depois de ler os comentarios “alarmistas” aih abaixo. Me responderam dizendo que meu pedido está em andamento/processamento e que - dentro do prazo dado - irei ter meu desbloqueio. Que sao serios, que tiveram problemas com internet e sistema interno deles, blablabla… Mas acho que vai dar certo. Posso estar enganado (tomara que nao!) mas acho que vai dar certo sim e que sao serios… Literalmente, “paguei para ver”! Risos…

  30. I purchased the service from on the 5th and received an e-mail from Tariq on the 6th. Hopefully this is not another scam, I’m already fed up with this stupid baseband and couldn’t wait for a cheaper solution (if it ever exists)

  31. Hi

    I saw this & had ordered the unlock from gsmfast on Mar 3, coz I never got any confirmation email I mailed them & got a reply saying I’ll be informed. Since then I have sent 2 more emails about the update and no response. Tariq’s yahoo email doesn’t exist. And I checked their Facebook page they have not replied to many of their customers. Now I’m worried about how legit they are. My iphone 4s AT&T still remains locked.

  32. Do not believe this, I spoke with a guy that has purchased the unlock from on 2nd of february and there is still nothing. It seems to be another scam site.

  33. Here is a confirmation of what I am saying:
    This is a profile of gsmfast, the guy’s name is Jason Rex Chata, look at his comment in the first post. I pm’d him about what happened next and he said that he’s still waiting…….

  34. I I made the payment for unlocking vodafone UK iphone and they have mentioned that it usually take 1 - 2 days.. It has been 5 days since then, no news about what is going on..

    I’ll wait for another day or two.. If they don’t reply then I’ll do a charge back.

  35. I chat with them before I made the purchase, and they said “we are not here to rob you” and that’s why they accepting paypal. Tariq mentioned on his e-mail that they are having problems due to the storm (no connection). I’m hoping they are not scam, you cannot trust anybody these days :(

  36. Hi we are not scam.And jason rex purchased when we couldnt get it done.However we can get them done now without issues.gsmfast is working just we had holiday for 2 days.Then we had some internet issues but that didnt prevent us from processing the unlocks.Please not one customer has been scammed or we took one persons money.IF we cannot for any reason get it done we will fully refund.There are some other sellers not happy with the amount of attention we are getting and are posting bad remarks.We take paypal which fully stands for any online purchases as long as the sale was not completed.We can never cheat a customer as long as we use paypal.Thank you and hope to solve all issues soon.

    • Why hasn’t anyone replied to any email? I’m a customer who has paid on Mar 3 and still haven’t gotten an update to my iphone 4s at&t unlock. 7 days are up already and still no unlock or news! Can’t say I’m not worried.

  37. If you look closer, you’ll see what this guy TARIQ posted here couple of days ago:

    TARIQ says:
    Mar 1, 2012
    No need to pay this price i got mine done for 125usd at its the same service 100% cheaper!

    Lol…. Decide already if you are the owner, or just a regular customer. I’m telling you guys, this looks like bulshit to me, dont waste your time and money. If you think I’m wrong, prove it somehow!

  38. @anyone who used gsmfast to unlock their iphone 4 basebase 4.11.08 did u up grade to the new ios and ur phone remain unlock .

  39. We replied to all emails for all customers that bought the iphone unlock.PLease check your spam mail.We are going to get a reply on tuesday for last batches.We will update.Thank you.

    • I haven’t received any email, checked all my folders. I’ve emailed again now. It’s been 8 days since I placed my order.

  40. @tariq i myself has reach the 8days march and i have not get any mail about how the processing is going. but i know u have recieve your payment. so i hope tuesday i will get mines too

  41. Ok so I got a reply now, saying they are waiting for first batch on Tuesday coz they want to make sure it’s done instead of giving the supplier more orders/money without any unlock processed. So now I guess the question is which batch are we in? Anyway I think we should give these guys a chance & wait for them to deliver. If not we are protected by Paypal so it shouldn’t be a worry I guess. But I sure hope we hear some good news soon!

  42. I purchased my unlock for iphone 4 last week on
    Didn’t get any conformation e-mail so far, but I’m still waiting. I’ll wait this week and post here if my unlock goes successfuly.

  43. Insanenthbrainz

    looks like gsmfast has alot of poser here that web site looks like a scam stick with took 7 days and I am fully unlocked and updated to 4.12 and still unlock yes its exspesive unlock but its a unlock forever not a bs software or hardware unlock which keeps you from updating if you got a 4 or 4s worth it ten time and for the ones that paying 185 bucks for unlock is like buying a new phone you living in lalla land !phone 4 factory unlocked new from apple store is $650 for a 8 g so do the math

  44. We do not do software or hardware and we dont have people posing if you look customers are curious about getting it unlocked.We have stopped taking the orders for iphone and processing what we have as we have over 1000 imeis pending.We are busy answering tons of mails so please if we take long to reply we are not fake just busy.

  45. Mauro thomaz

    guys, I paid, $ 59.99, now just wait until sending the email. I’ll post here when I have news.

  46. Mauro thomaz

    Pessoal do brasil, eu comprei por $59.99, tenho receio de não funcionar, mas decidi arriscar. agora tenho que esperar o prazo que deram de 5 a 15 dias pra resolverem. logo mandam o email e posto aqui dizendo se prestou ou não. Abraço.

  47. Hoje é meu sétimo dia útil esperando o desbloqueio da gsmfast (no site diz de 7 a 12 dias úteis e no e-mail diz 5 a 15 dias úteis) então ainda estão no prazo. continuo aguardando.

    Today is my seventh business day waiting for the gsmfast service (the site says 7-12 business days and e-mail says 5-15 business days), anyway are still on schedule. still waiting.

  48. hello I just bought a home gsmfast unlock iphone 4 aT & T I have not yet been any new :-( it was yesterday we’ll see I’m afraid to put ripped off I’ll let you know

  49. @gsmfast the say good things come to those wait, so i will wait for my unlock bcuzs it better than notthing

  50. I paid last week for an iphone 4 AT&T unlock. No information mail until now, with a confirmation for my payment.

    According to this mail, the guys seem to have experienced some technical difficulties last week and should check our orders (i hope as soon as possible).

    We must be patient i think. I’m not so worriend since paypal covers the purchase within 45 days after payment…

    I’ll tell once my iphone is unlocked !

    • Nope…I tried…nothing here…and now with this service being shutdown by cutyoursim makes me even more worried….I hope Tariq or someone will respond. I sent an email yesterday, no reply.

  51. Hoje é meu oitavo dia útil esperando o desbloqueio da gsmfast (no site diz de 7 a 12 dias úteis e no e-mail diz 5 a 15 dias úteis) então ainda estão no prazo. continuo aguardando.

    Today is my eighth business day waiting for the gsmfast service (the site says 7-12 business days and e-mail says 5-15 business days), anyway are still on schedule. still waiting.

  52. Another problem is that the contact form from GSMFasts’s website is not working, at least for me. It gives a MySQL error whenever I try to send a message.

    Anyway. It’s my 5th day waiting for my unlock, no contact from them so far, but I’m still waiting…

  53. Same problem here. ‘contact us’ is not working with gsmfast. One of my friend got his PayPal payment returned from cutyoursim today saying unlock was not successful. I am worried now…

  54. Hi we have closed the service for Iphone unlock until we get these resolved.Please do not panic if you do not see the order anymore in because we do not want to handle more orders until this is finished.If you have waited your time period and cannot wait any longer we will refund you just contact customer support.Thank you.

  55. Hi,

    I placed my order on 1st March, and i dint get any update whether my phone got unlocked or not. The last mail i got, was for the IMEI and model No. Still waiting… Not sure if there was even a single unlock that went through fine. Will post if i get any update.

  56. There were unlocks that went through fine.But for privacy and security reasons we cant show here.All imeis were processed.WE are not taking new orders.If we take a while to respond to mails its because we have so many.And we are processing refunds also For some that came back as it could not be done.

    • Not a single customer has reported any unlock success by anyone including cutyoursim. Your customer Jason Rex Chata has been waiting since Feb, I order on Mar 3. Between him & me, nobody has got an unlock. So wondering who are these successful unlocks you are claiming. If you can’t just say you can’t. I know my iphone 4s hasn’t been unlocked coz I tried and it still says incompatible sim. Very disappointed. No emails, no unlocks.

      • “Not a single customer has reported any unlock success by anyone including cutyoursim..”
        I agree this is, I was one of the customer who bought it on 1st March, a day or two after this post and still dint get it done. Got a mail saying it was not processed.
        I dont think it went through even for a single customer.
        Anyways atleast we get the refund.

  57. @tariq can u please tell us how much longer me have to await, has consumer of ur product i think me have a right to know. its been 11 days now and their is no proper word

  58. Hi there,

    When will this BaseBand get the crack…When so many are stuck solutions shud cme fast rite :p

  59. did any one get there phone unlock from gsm fast ,but people who paid please lets us know what up, i think we have customer has a right to be updated on your progress.

  60. We will be issuing refunds to customers as we cannot get anymore imeis done anymore.We did get a few done and those customers are very happy for the others we are truly sorry it didnt last long enough.Please send us an email to [email protected] with the necessary refund and payment info.When was made etc and customer support will reply to it with necessary questions to complete the refund.Thank you.

    • Fabio from BRASIL

      Ok. I payed for the unlock in march 7th. I was waiting because said it could take 7 to 12 days. After the messege above from Tarik, I send an email to them asking for the refound, since they can’t unlock it anymore. Back to stage ZERO. My iPhone is still an expensive mini iPad… said they will refound me in 48hs. I will wait and tell you the end of this story in a couple of days. Thanks for the effort Good luck for all of us searching for an alternative to unlock this f… iPhone with thins f… baseband…

      • Hey Fábio! Foda né cara… =\ preferia ter o desbloqueio que o dinheiro de volta, mas agora é esperar eles devolverem de fato. Estou com raiva dessa baseband maldita já…

  61. just go a mail from gsmfast stating we will be refunded in 48 hours time bcuzs the service has stop. thx u gsmfast for trying

  62. Same here. Placed the order on 1st March thru GSMFast.
    Got a reply saying couldnt process the request… :(

  63. We have started refunding orders and still in the process of it.Please be patient thank you.If you need updates or advice on unlocking phones we are the sources.And as you can see we are not scam.WE have the sim to unlock iphone 4s if anyone needs.

  64. @tariq its has been more than 13 days i have not recieve no unlock , more than 48 hours and my money has not been refunded. I have notice that u guys have relisted that u r unlocking iphone 4 ffrom at&t. if u cannot give me an unlock then why are you still holding on to my money? Are you and the team at gsmfast scammer? You tell me ! They say action speak louder than words

    • Same here…received an email than I’ll be refunded in 48 hours, few days have passed yet no refund. I’m going to waiting for another 48 hours before I file a paypal dispute.

  65. Fabio from BRASIL

    Same here as well. Received an email from GSMFAST.NET saying they will refound me in 48hs. Nothing happened after that. I will start a dispute in PayPal in 48hs from now.

  66. 100 hrs passed already since I got email that they will start refund within 48 hrs. Would anyone let us know of how to file a paypal dispute? Does it work? I am really disappointed at I heard that other supplier refunded for all customer. I think is only one that did not or will not do refund.. They are a real SACM!

  67. If you start a dispute in Paypal, it will be automatically transformed as a claim and you’ll receive a very fast refund !

    I think they’re many disputes and gsmfast reacts very slowly, so Paypal must have taken some measures to guanrantee refund.

    Do it, you’ll see the it will talk less thant 10 minutes to be refund.

    I’ve juste done it today and it works very well !

  68. If you start a dispute in Paypal, it will be automatically transformed as a claim and you’ll receive a very fast refund !

    I think they’re many disputes and gsmfast reacts very slowly, so Paypal must have taken some measures to guanrantee refund.

    Do it, you’ll see the it will talk less thant 10 minutes to be refund.

    I’ve just done it today and it works very well !

  69. That is not true.All customers that got a refund Please state here.We sent out tons of refunds to customers.Please recheck your paypal before saying things like this.

  70. TARIQ, we don’t have to recheck paypal. Once you processed refund, we get email immediately from you. We can see if you processed refund without checking paypal.

  71. Yes but its possible we miss one or two people so please if you didnt receive refund kindly email us and remind us.

  72. Tariq. Several emails for my refund were sent to you and Joe Schuler since last week. No reply… I’ll wait one more day.

  73. 1 week ago i got an email that they will refund within 48 hrs. then 5 days paased they sent email that they will refund within 48 hrs. 2 days passed, no email.. they must be scammer! where do we need to file? I already submitted a dispute to paypal..but paypal can only send email them to push.. we lost money..

  74. Fabio from BRASIL

    I am not so sure… I received an email from then A WEEK ago saying they would refound me in 48hs and since then I have no news from them and no refound so ever… I am not so sure this wasn’t a scam… Let’s hope they are serious and refoun everybody…

    • Hey Fabio, eu também ainda não fui reembolsado…

      Hay Fabio, I also haven’t yet been refunded…

  75. We have refunded more than 90 people now.The reason we are asking they contact us is because we did unlocks for about 200 plus phones.WE need to verify they werent unlocked and issue a refund.So please remind us on our facebook page or email us at [email protected] and we will issue refunds.Stop saying we are a scam there are tons of customer that got refunds.Please we are a serious business its just this iphone was a mess.So please help us to help you.Thank you.

    • I’m still waiting.. For the unlock or the refund…

      Ainda estou esperando… pelo desbloqueio ou pelo reembolso…

      • Fabio from BRASIL

        Me too! I have emailed them more than A WEEK ago, got just an email saying they would refound me in 48hs. Nothing happened… I have just emailed them AGAIN to Tarik’s above email address asking for a solution. Stil waiting!

        • Olá Fabio, eu recebi o reembolso hoje! Eles são justos! =)

          Hello Fabio! I received the refund today, they’re NOT scam…

  76. THEY ARE NOT SCAMMERS ! I’ve been refunded very quickly. At the beginning, I also had some doubts but i think these guys are serious and they try to do their best. is on the web since a long time for mobile unlocks and i don’t think that have any interests to scam some customers !

    Tariq, please inform us if you have any new solution for unlocking iphones and good luck for your business !

  77. Eu recebi hoje o reembolso da eles são justos!!!

    I received the refund of today. They’re NOT SCAM!!!!

    Thank You, Tariq!

    • Fabio from BRASIL

      Still waiting here! Not so lucky as you, Rob… And I am not so sure about the scam thing… I payed wth creditcard and until now, no refound. And THEY SAID they were going to refound me more then 10 days ago, so what should I think here? That they are not scam? Tha’s hard… Let’s see. Still have hope in them… I will keep you all in touch.

      • Eu paguei com cartão de crédito também (via paypal)…

        I payed with creditcard too… (with paypal)…

    • Fabio from BRASIL

      I have. Two times… Done again just now… Let’s see. I am really not so sure if they are going to refound me… It doesn’t seem they are… Anyway. Let’s wait (all I have been doing in the last 40 days or so…) and pray! Thanks anyway.

    • yes arun same thing we closed it.There is no way we will scam anyone.Fabio do me a favour email me the paypal email to [email protected] anyone else who paid email me there please. I got a few mails in spam so i didnt see them.Thanks

      • Fabio from BRASIL

        Again Tarik??? Three time already I have emailed to you ALL THE INFORMATION you need to refound me. If you are goingo to refound, YOU GET in contact with in 48hs or I will take other path to have my money back. I am tired of sendo you emails and you do nothing. I am sorry, but my patience is over with you people from GSMFAST.NET. Took my money, gave me NO UNLOCK and NO MONEY BACK!!! Come on!!! I am not that stupid…

        • Fabio from BRASIL

          So Tariq? I have sent you ALL the data you need to refound me. FOUR TIMES!!! At least, in the last email you said you have received it (FINALLY!!!) and was processing my refound. It was on last monday or tuesday. Since then, no news… And that’s NOT good news… Still waiting…

  78. Most if not everyone has gotten refunds.There are just a few people that cannot Get refunds because the paypal was limited.If i could add a screen picture here i would.We already sent you emails on how to get it so please do so.Thank you.We are not here to rob or cheat anyone we are a serious business.

    • Fábio from BRASIL

      Tariq. I have not received any email from you. I have nothing to reply to… My spam is not acctivated, so… Something is very wrong… STILL WAITING Y REFOUND HERE!!! Are you going to REFOUND me? Are you sure???

  79. Fabio from BRASIL

    Still waiting here for my refound. I have sent several emails to TARIQ, and then (after 3 or 4 times) he managed to receive one with the so called “needed information to refound you”. He said it would take 48hs to refound me. MORE THAN A WEEK has passed and no news from him. Just a suposed email he said he sent me, but - strangelly… - I have not received ANY one… And I CHECK MY SPAM regurlarly, before you say so… Well, looks like for me one of those two things: or they are really not serious people or they are SO NOT ORGANIZED that they can’t refound me. Your choice, people… STILL WAITING HERE!!!

    • hey fabio i had the same problem i was refunded by moneygram after there were some issues they wont scam you.Ask him for alternate payment option.

  80. I want to say thank you maypalo.i got to know of from here.I got my iphone 4 surprisingly this week from tariq.As far as i know the guy doesnt seem like anyone that would scam me.At first they had a problem getting it done and after a while i was refunded.But not through paypal even though i paid through paypal he send me moneygram.Anyhow i was emailed after saying the service was up and running this was about 2 weeks ago.And last night i got my iphone unlocked :) i was in doubt but guys gsmfast is not a scam im proof and i can even give my imei to prove it.But that would have to be in private.

  81. I never wanted to think was a scam but after numerous attempts I can never get a hold of them regarding my refund. I emailed Tariq and Joe Edris Schuler probably 5 times within the last couple of days but still nothing. Tariq if you see this post get a hold of me since I’m about to loose my faith in you.

  82. dont have an account? worried you dont want to close your account and pay unnecessary termination fees?We can get them unlocked now we have direct access to at&t. Unlock all your iphones with us today.
    all iphone 4 4s 3 or 3g all basebands unlock with us today.

    • Fábio from Brasil

      Tariq. Please send me an answer… Are you going to refound me or not? Can you unlock it now or not. Thank you.

  83. i dont have an account wiht att and i got mine done today i bought my unlock process from they did my att iphone 4 04.11.08 in few days.So im here to share my story with you guys.Be careful calling at&t i know a guy got in trouble because he bought a stolen phone from ebay and when he called at&t they reported it.

  84. Tariq I emailed you on Sunday, and still haven’t heard back. This is getting ridiculous, you are holding my money since march 5th. Refund me ASAP !!!!

  85. Taarig,

    I have mailed you and Joe that i dont have a paypal and paid through credit card. I havent heard from you for an option to refund my money. Can you please let me know wat is the plan.


  86. I have been mailing them daily, no response. i placed order on 1st march
    Now they have it again on their site that they can unlock iphones.
    Tariq, can u please reply to our mails

    • Fabio from BRASIL

      Me too! All the same as you… I think they are scam… My lawyer will toalk to them soon… I am tired. Very tired… Just promisses, just emails from me to them and almost no answer… They are not serious, as I see!

      • Atleast before they use to reply, saying it will be done in a week or we are working on it or some reason. Now its worse. No response. Let me know if something works out for u.

  87. Guys,

    GSMfast is fake. I havent got my refund. I have been daily following up, but no updates. PLease dont trust these guys.

    • Fabio from BRASIL

      Yeap. Same here… They desapeared… No refound… No emails… No answers… No nothing… So… What else to think about them??? not serious people… I got scammed… Payed US$ 125,00 for unlocking my iPhone 4 baseband 04.11.08 and got NOT UNLOCKING AND NO REFOUND…

  88. I give up. Today is 30th April and i havent got any response so far from them. GSMFast is a scam. Please guys watch out. The funny part is they have the ad in their site saying they can unlock iphone 4\4s

  89. We were hacked we are 100% now up and running if you didnt get your refund let us know now.We are not scams and we have 100% iphone unlocking solution.

  90. Hi all,

    Same thing happened to me also. I applied for iphone 4 unlock. There are fake. They didnt unlock and never refund also. Lost my money. Please take care guys.

    We are commenting for others good. Never go for them. They cheat.

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