Apple Working on a 5.8″ iPhone (Rumor)

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If you were missing some of the good old rumors, we have a new one for you. According to a new rumor from DigiTimes, Apple is working on a 5.8 inch iPhone!

DigiTimes in the past has reported various rumors regarding Apple products and to be honest most of them have not turned out to be true. So when you hear this rumor, take it with a pinch of salt.

According to the rumor Apple is planning to release a 5.8″ AMOLED display iPhone in 2018 or late 2017, yes that is a long time from now but when you consider the big leap, it might not be that long.

There were previous rumors that Apple was working on getting AMOLED display for the iPhone but nothing concert was mentioned. Getting this rumor today is going to add fuel to the fire.

iPhone 6 in store

The thing that is different about this rumor and probably the first time we are hearing is the display size of the new iPhone. So far there have been absolutely no rumors or reports regarding a 5.8″ iPhone and considering how Apple is regarding size - this is a bit hard to imagine.

Well, like I mentioned above, take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

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