The Next Generation iPhone 5 Production Finally Begins With A New Design

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The rumour mill regarding the iPhone 5 is in full swing as we now get “leaks” and “rumours” regarding the next generation iPhone on an hourly basis. Now according to a new report the most anticipated smartphone of the year, the iPhone 5, has started production with an all new design.

According to the popular Japenese blog Macotakara, the production of the iPhone 5 has started. Citing reliable Chinese sources the blog claims that Apple has finally finalized the design and specifications of the next iteration of the iPhone which has been given the green light for production and will be launched this fall. Somewhere between September and October.

This makes sense perfect sense as iPhone 4S was launched last year October and according to many reports Apple has shifted their time frame for launching new iPhones. The shift now results in next generation iPhones being launched in September/October time frame. The new time frame meant more iPhones being sold due to holiday season coming up.

If this rumour turns out to be true then we can expect the release of iPhone 5 within three months! Just in time for your Christmas shopping.

The other interesting thing is that the report points to a completely new design for the next generation iPhone, not just the 4 inch display but something completely new. This would definitely spark interest in those users who had been seeing only prototypes that showed similar form factor of the previous iPhone model.

So the production for one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year has started, are you excited?

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