iPhone 5 Engineering Samples Gets Leaked, Confirms Previous Rumours (Pictures)

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Leaks and rumours regarding the up coming iPhone from Apple, the new iPhone or the iPhone 5 has got to be a record. It seems we get a new “rumour” or a “leak” regarding iPhone 5 every single day, so keeping with the tradition we have another leak of the iPhone 5. This time it is an engineering sample straight from a factory in China.

Front of iPhone 5 engineering sample

The folks over at GottaBeMobile have obtained an engineering sample of the iPhone 5 that ties in with previous rumours we have about the iPhone 5 that is expected to be unveiled fall of this year with iOS 6.

The picture above shows the front panel of the iPhone 5, which according to the picture gives us an idea on what the overall design might be like that of the iPhone 5. The first obvious feature is the screen size, although we can not exactly measure the screen size but we get the idea that screen size of iPhone 5 is going to be bigger than that of the previous models of iPhone.

Since the launch of the first iPhone, screen size has been constant at 3.5 inches but the recent rumours and leaks point to a larger 4 inch screen. The pictures both confirm those rumours.

iPhone 5 back panel engineering sample

The back panel and the front shows that the overall form factor is like that of the previous versions of the iPhone, but we should not that this is just an engineering sample so we can not judge what exactly it would look like.

Although both the pictures of the leaked engineering sample of the iPhone 5 give us an idea on what it might look like but we should treat this as just another rumour as anyone can mould metal and make this leaked iPhone 5 samples“.

What do you think of these leaked iPhone 5 engineering samples?

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