iPhones Won’t Get OLED Display Until 2018

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This might come as bit of a surprise to a lot of you, especially those of you who love great displays on smartphones or tablets. According to a new report coming out of Asia, Apple won’t get OLED display’s for the iPhone until 2018 - that is three years from now!

The report comes via Nikkei Asian Review, which mentions that the display for the iPhone is going to remain LCD as Apple has invested a lot in LCD technology for their iPhone product line. Currently OLED display is used on the Apple Watch while the iPhone gets the older LCD technology.

The difference between LCD and OLED makes the display on the OLED much sharper and brighter. The reason for that is, in OLED only the part that needs to be displayed is illuminated; making the blacks seem richer and as well as making the display more efficient.

iPhone 6 in store

So those of you who were wondering if they were going to get their iPhone 7 with a OLED display, well it seems you will have to wait longer. As the iPhone that will be shipped with OLED might be the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8S - yeah, I know that is really far ahead.

Well I guess we have to wait longer than expected.

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