iPhone 6S Will Feature Force Touch Technology

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Last year Apple launched the iPhone 6, which was the fastest selling iPhone in history and gave Apple a record-breaking $18 billion in profit. Well Apple has to come up with new features to beat the previous iPhone; one such feature is going to be the Force Touch technology that is currently available in the Apple Watch.

New report has emerged (via AppleInsiderthat Apple is planning to incorporate some features of the Apple Watch, which includes the Force Touch technology.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Apple Watch’s Force Touch; it has the sensors which measure the amount of pressure applied on the screen and give appropriate response. It checks how much a person has applied pressure on the screen, so it can differentiate between a normal ‘tap’ and a ‘hard tap’.

iPhone 7 concept -6

Apple has codenamed 4.7 inch-model as “N71″ and the 5.5 inch-model one as the “N66″. Apple will also carry the naming convention with the “S” suffix for the iPhone. As it will be called the “iPhone 6S”, the design of the device will be similar to the one of the current iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus.

There were some rumors going on regarding iPhone 6s camera; that it will have a dual-camera system. But this report mentions that the camera system would not feature the dual-module, as it would require a redesign of the iPhone.

Well it is still too early to judge on what new features the iPhone 6S will have, but it will not be a huge improvement over the current model.

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