How To Buy Pebble Smart Watch For A Cheap Price

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After the extreme fever of smartphones, it’s time to hope on something more smarter, like smart watches. Everything that’s smart, is now expensive so are the new smart watches. Although Apple has not released its iWatch but still you can get a smart watch from Pebble on a considerable rate and you can have it this weekend! Checkout all the details about this amazing smart watch from Pebble:


Here is a good news, Pebble Bluetooth smart watch, will be soon available on some of the popular retailer stores by this weekend. But the real good thing is that Pebble and Best Buy have shook hands and announced the official partnership, which will surely result in a kick-start for this new smart watch. This partnership will also bring the Pebble smart watch to Best Buy as well as all the leading stores in US.

No doubt this is a grand news for this company and now you don’t have to wait for other smart watches from companies like Apple and Sony, who still have things undercover. This partnership with Best Buy, will hopefully turn as a profitable deal it is expected that this partnership will give a turnover of about  $10.2 million from around 68,000 backers on Kickstarter.

It seems like Pebble is extremely happy because of their partnership with Best Buy, therefore CEO Eric Migicovsky says that it’s a pleasure to work with Best Buy, their work and products will surely bring something big to the market and this partnership will lead to something massive!

As mentioned earlier Pebble has already confirmed that the Bluetooth smart watch will land on all leading Best Buy locations on this Sunday, July 7. So, you better get ready and grab this super cool watch for a reasonable price. This smart watch will be available in Jet Black and Cherry red colors and if you can’t wait till Sunday so you already buy them through Best Buy official website!

The Jet Black color has already shipped in, while the Cherry red colors will be available in August this year. Now here comes a big thing that’s the price! So the Pebbles Bluetooth Smart watches will be available for $149 and for more colors you can checkout their official site! So hurry get your color first!


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