Budget iPhone Gets Completely Leaked! (Video + Pictures)

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As the news for budget iPhone popped up, it not only attracted the previous Apple customers but also became the center of interest of even those smartphone users who never though of going for an iPhone, due to its high price. The name ‘budget iPhone’, itself shows that this time the company is trying to encompass the middle class customers into their users list. The might be because Samsung has proved itself quite successful in launching cheap smartphones that are very well appreciated in the market. So let’s check out the pictures and video of the leaked budget iPhone!

Leaked Budget iPhone Video



budget iPhone

budget iPhone

According to the report, the budget iPhone has a 4-inch huge screen that is similar to iPhone 5, but the body of the phone is made up of polycarbonate, unlike iPhone 5’s aluminium body, However, Apple has assured one thing and that is, the company might compromise with the price but when it comes to the quality, finishing and design, then the phone must reflect the perfection and sophistication of the company. Hence the standard quality of the phone will still be the same.

Check out the video of the leaked budget iPhone below:

One thing that has been specifically pin-pointed is that the first look of the budget iPhone looks quite similar to that of Nokia Lumia, which marks a question mark in everyone’s mind for the fruit company that how can Apple copy a design when it itself put allegations on other companies for copying its design. This issue might get some heat after the release of the cheap phone.

budget iPhone

budget iPhone

budget iphone

Whereas, when it comes to the price and release date of the phone, it is still unsure that when the company is going to announce the mega event. The circulating rumors says that the phone will be released in the later part of this year. While for the price it is being said that the phone will have its price between $350-$400. But its Apple! It cannot be too cheap.

What are your thoughts about the designs of the budget iPhone?

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