Retina iPad Mini Delayed But iPad 5 Launching In September!

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After a long time, we finally have some news about the upcoming range of iPad’s as before that there were tons of rumors about the budget iPhone, iPhone 5S and the iWatch. But this time some sources in Apple’s supply chain has something big to share. According to them the fifth-generation iPad will hit the market by this September but the bad news is that there is a delay in the release of the new iPad Mini.

When it comes to iPad there are certain new changes expected, which include new look, similar to iPad Mini and backlighting modifications and better battery life. On the other hand, iPad Mini is yet not ready for the release and the major reason behind this delay is Apple is still a bit confused about the implementation of Retina display to a 7.85 inch device and if Apple brings the retina display to it, the device will be further delayed to the end to the fourth quarter, which means you have to wait quite a long for retina iPad Mini.


This rumor is generated from DigiTimes, which has a bit shaky history regarding Apple products.

According to the report, some new features you can expect from the iPad are that it might be lighter and thinner, it will also have thinner bezels by the side of its display. As per DigiTimes, iPad will look quite identical to iPad Mini, only it will be bigger.

Report also stated that the fifth-generation iPad will also provide a bigger viewing area, we have to wait for the exact meaning of this! Because it is expected that the iPad’s display will remain the same, which is 9.7-inches, so why is DigiTimes is asking to expect something bigger? That’s really confusing, we have to wait for the official details.

Few other reported features of iPad are better battery life, with one LED tube for backlighting, instead of one. Well, there are no clues for the improvement in brightness but we hope Apple will take a look at this matter too.

These lines from DigiTimes showed the current situation of Apple, they say:

“Although suppliers have not yet received any firm mass production schedule from Apple and are mainly shipping products for pilot production, the sources pointed out that pilot production is already able to satisfy the demand for the initial launch,”

They also included:

“Therefore, the sources expect Apple to give its shipment estimates at the end of July or early August this year.”

According to DigiTimes, iPad 5 will hit the stores by this September but iPad Mini will not be available. It is said that Apple wants a new look for the iPad Mini, something that’s smart and have thinner bezels like Samsung and HTC! Well, is it all true or just another new story, we don’t know but now we can expect few things from Apple regarding the iPad range.

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