Google Glass Will Now Have Home Automation Power By Revolv (Video)

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Google Glass has been popular in rumors since a long time but many dates have passed away that were expected for the arrival of Google Glass for the public - but it didn’t come. Maybe the reason is, the technology working behind the Glass needs more advancements than those currently available and therefore Glass is now working with Revolv, in order to include the power of home automation to Google Glass and makes it the best gadget for years. Here are the details.


Home automation is called the future of the technology because it will make the operation of the simple household items even simpler and easier through command. And Revolv is known as a major company, with home automation as its focused aim to involve easy use of technology in daily life.

However, if we ponder over the fusion of Google Glass and Revolv then this will result in home automation through Glass. The eye wear is actually extending its list of functions, maybe to attract more customers towards itself, as those interested in home automation will automatically get attracted towards Google Glass.

Currently, the Revolv team and the Google Glass team are working together to infuse home automation into a pair of glasses and make it the best medium through which simple house accessories can be controlled. As shown in the video, the users wear Google Glass and give commands to turn on the lights and much more.

But this excessive use of technology even to switch on the light is really the promotion of technology or demotion of human actions that man has become too lazy to get into action to just perform his simple daily activities.

What do you think about this upcoming technology?

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