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After many years of being a premium app on the App Store, today finally, WhatsApp has gone free. WhatsApp which had been rumored to go for the “freemium” model, last night made the switch. Check out the details on WhatsApp’s new model and, where to download the free WhatsApp from.

Download Free WhatsApp

CEO of WhatsApp had been talking about going for a different strategy for quite some time. Last night WhatsApp made the switch from a paid app to a free app. WhatsApp had been a paid app for many years, typically charging $0.99 per user, but from now onwards, WhatsApp will be free but there is a catch.

WhatsApp will be free to download for the first year and after that users will have to pay $0.99 as a subscription fee. A model which has been adopted by many different companies and app developers.



WhatsApp has been facing a lot of competition recently from different free messaging services such as Viber, WeChat and others. Adopting a “year-free model” will give WhatsApp an edge over its competitors who have been following this strategy for quite sometime.

WhatsApp is considered to be a pioneer in the messaging world with a 200 million monthly active user base. Going for the free model will likely make people download WhatsApp more.

Download WhatsApp Free.

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