Here Is How The 12-inch Macbook Air Will Look Like (Images)

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We have been hearing a lot about Apple’s up-coming completely redesigned Macbook Air. Well, today we have some interesting information on the new Macbook, as well as renders on how it might look like. Check out all the details regarding the 12-inch Macbook Air below.

12-inch Macbook Air

We had been getting rumors and reports that Apple was working on a complete new Macbook Air. Initial reports did not give any details but today we have some major missing-in-the-blanks regarding the new device from Apple, courtesy of 9to5mac.

12-inch Macbook Air

For the first time in many years, Apple is opting for a new design for the Macbook Air and not only that, Apple has decided that a new color can be added to the Macbook Air lineup.

The first and the most noticeable thing about the new Macbook Air is the thickness. The 12-inch Macbook Air is incredibly thin according to the report. It is 1/4 inch narrower than 11 inch Macbook Air but at the same time it is 1/4 inch taller to accommodate for the large screen.

new Macbook Air


Apple has revamped the entire Macbook Air, even the keyboard is slightly different. To make the device narrower, the keys are bit closer together compared to the current 11 and 13-inch Macbook Airs.

12 inch Macbook keyboard space

The trackpad also has been changed to accommodate for the narrower and slimmer design. The trackpad no longer gives the click sound, this has been done in order to reduce the thickness of the device. Trackpad is slightly taller now too.

Apple is doing away with most of the ports that are currently available for Macbook Air. In fact it will have the least number of ports on an Apple computer. MegaSafe, USB 3.0, and thunderbolt port will be gone, they all will be replaced by a new port called the USB Type-C.

On the right side of the Macbook Air, there will be a headphone jack and dual-microphones.

USB Type-C port


To give you an idea on how much Apple is focusing on keeping the device as thin as possible, you can see the render below which shows a 12-inch Macbook Air on left vs a 11-inch Macbook Air on right.

12-inch MacbookAir on left vs 11 inch Macbook Air on right.

12-inch MacbookAir on left vs 11 inch Macbook Air on right.

The 12-inch Macbook Air will also feature four grilled-speakers which will double as a ventilation system - very clever.

The new Macbook Air is going to be a big change from the current MacBooks - it is a radical design. Something which many people will welcome.

What are your thoughts on the new 12-inch Macbook Air details?

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