How To Fix Apps Not Working Properly After Installing AppSync (Guide)

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Have you recently started facing problems after installing AppSync, such as that apps are not working properly? If yes we have a solution for you. Here is how to fix apps not working properly after installing AppSync on iOS 7 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

A lot of users have been reporting that, after they installed AppSync on iOS 7 for an iOS devices, other native features or apps have started to not work properly. The common apps which are not working properly are Safari and Mail on iOS.

Well do not worry folks as we have the solution to fix this problem for you. The trick is very simple and can be done within a few minutes; so check it out below.

iPhone 5S cydia

STEP 1: Head over to Cydia and remove afc2add. Search for it if you can’t easily find it.

STEP 2: Now remove Appsync.

STEP 3: Install iFile.

STEP 4: Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Caches.

STEP 5: Locate and delete the file.

STEP 6: Locate and delete the file.

STEP 7: Reboot your device.

STEP 8: Install Appsync again.

That’s it folks. If you have followed the steps correctly; which you should have because it is pretty easy; your apps will start working properly and AppSync would be installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch too.

As always if you have a question regarding this AppSync problem, then leave a comment below.

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13 Comments to How To Fix Apps Not Working Properly After Installing AppSync (Guide)

  1. crash safari, email, and weather after doing this.. :(( try to remove but still wont work. I hav to restore now

  2. I did the jailbreak on a iphone 4 7.0.4, but when I look in the iTools he remains locked for cracked app, installed the activator AppSync 7.0 + the repository when I install vshare the address of repostório not think

  3. On my iPhone 5s, some non native Apps are not working after installing appsync, such as Goodreader and Tomtom…
    Do you have any suggestions for me?

  4. Leanna Averill

    I have two problems with this. 1. Appsync is not even available in my Cydia and 2. I have deleted these two files about 6 times and after rebooting they reappear. I really need some help.

  5. Excellent post. Fixed the issue of my app “waiting”. Couple of comments. I could not find “afc2add” but I must admit I did not look too hard. I did find that for a brief period, a number of app icons disappeared - but they came back. My problem app only worked after I reinstalled app sync and reinstalled the problem app. Thanks so much.

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