How To Get Desktop Experience On iPad

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Those of you who own iPads know that sometimes it is a bit hard to multitask on it. iPad is meant for simplicity and getting things done quick. But if you are one of those people who want a true desktop experience on the iPad then there is a tweak for you. Check out the OS Experience Cydia tweak for the iPad.

This new Cydia tweak called the OS Experience lets you multitask on the iPad in a complete different and on a higher level. Those of you who have used OS X before would find many things similar.

OS experience

OS Experience as the name suggests, gives you the desktop experience on the iPad. You can open multiple applications in the same window and interact with them. By swiping above four fingers, you can get the app switcher, just like on your Mac.

Jeff over at iDownloadblog has a great video review, check it out below:

So those of you who want a true desktop experience for iPad should download OS Experience Cydia tweak. The tweak costs $9.99 and is available in the Big Boss repo.

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