You Can Download iOS 8 For Android (Link)

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We are still couple of weeks away from World Wide Developer Conference which is going to kick off on 2nd June. Apple will no doubt unveil iOS 8 - its latest operating system for mobile devices. But those of you who can’t wait and own an Android device can download iOS 8! Yup you read that right. Check out the details on iOS 8 for Android below.

iOS 8 Android

Well before you start bashing about fooling you guys in the comment section below, I will quickly tell you what it is. It is not the real thing (obviously). It is a simple theme for your Android smartphone, which will depict how iOS 8 might look like.

Well that out-of-the-way and you (iOS users) relieved that it is the not the real thing; let’s talk more about “IOS 8” for Android.

iOS 8 Android

Let’s first get to the name. IOS 8 is spelled with a capital “I” instead of the “i” that is used for Apple’s operating system, and it basically changes your lock screen to something which some of you might like. But according to the reviews on the PlayStore, many people are not too happy with it. But it is most probably due to the name - iOS 8.

Here is the description of IOS 8 for Android:

It is the strongest IOS style screen lock. 
But its actual effect has beyond the IOS7 system. 
It makes your screen glow with the new mental style design.
Function keys coming out when you press the ring can meet your daily needs.
Install this screen lock, your mobile is the real iPhone as well as more cool and convenient.

Download IOS 8 Android

IOS 8 is available for free, so those of you who like to customize their lock screens can go ahead and download iOS 8.

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