Picture Of Large “iPad Pro” Gets Leaked!

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Most of the talk these days is about the iPhone 6; not much attention is being paid to the iPad, after all the iPad lineup is going to a makeover too. Well if you had been wondering then I have got just the right info for you. Today we have received a leak regarding the next-gen iPad, no, not the iPad 6, the complete new iPad Pro. Check out the leaked picture of the iPad Pro below.

iPad Pro Picture

Apple is expected to introduce a new model of the iPad this year but unlike the previous one, this time the iPad is going to get a complete makeover. The iPad is going to get much larger just like the iPhone 6.

Apple is expected to call this complete new iPad the “iPad Pro”. We had been getting rumours regarding this iPad but none so far had materialized but that has changed today after getting this picture.

The image below is a picture of the iPad Pro, which has been posted by a member on Weibo: the Chinese look-a-like of Twitter.

iPad pro leak

The iPad in this picture just looks very large, something that Apple might not make. But again, we have been getting rumours about a large 12.9 inch iPad, and this picture of the iPad Pro fits that.

Well what do you think about this picture of the iPad Pro? Drop a comment below.

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