Speed Test: iPad Air Vs Every iPad Produced! (Video)

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The real world speed tests give us an idea on how the products might perform when compared to their counterparts. Well keeping the tradition we have a video which shows us how the iPad Air, the recently released Apple product, fares against its predecessors. The results shouldn’t surprise anyone, in fact it would make you want to buy the new iPad Air. Check out the video below.

iPad Air Speed Test

Apple unveiled the fifth-generation iPad called the iPad Air at its big media event. Almost everyone knew what was coming, the amount of leaks and rumors had pretty much painted the entire iPad in our minds. But when Apple officially unveiled it, it almost felt like it was completely new to us.

The iPad Air is truly a remarkable masterpiece when compared to not just other tablets in the market, but even against the previous iPads which were stunning too! So the iPad Air has upped the ante here.

iPad Air vs iPad

To give you a good idea on how speed has improved on the new iPad Air, we have the ultimate speed test for iPad fans. This speed test video shows; booting up time, browser-loading, and shutting-down speed test.

Check out the iPad Air vs every iPad ever made speed test!

The results in the video shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The iPad Air packs the new and powerful A7 processor, which has seriously given the new iPad a huge boost. Which can easily be seen in the video.

Well, the thing that is making many people buy the iPad Air isn’t the speed, it’s actually the design. The speed improvement is a welcomed feature but the design and the weight reduction is the one which will make you get the iPad Air.

Thoughts about this iPad Air speed test?

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2 Comments to Speed Test: iPad Air Vs Every iPad Produced! (Video)

  1. In my opinion, looking at the bench tested video, i’m not quite impressed with the iPad Air. It has to be more than just loading fast YouTube video clips on A7 chips. According to the bench tested, I don’t see iPad Air Is 88% Faster than iPad 4!!!!

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