Here Is How To Buy The iPad Air! (Tips)

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Today is the big day folks, today you are going to get the iPad Air. Apple at its media event announced that the iPad Air would go on sale starting November 1st and depending on where you live, the iPad Air has officially been placed on the shelves for you to get your hands on it. So before actually getting the iPad Air, here are a few tips on how and where to buy the iPad Air.

Buy iPad Air

The iPad Air which is in fact the iPad 5 is on sale worldwide starting from today, 1st November. People have lined up outside Apple stores way before the starting time, to be one the first few people to manage to get the iPad Air.

iPad Air, Apple’s 5th iteration of the iPad has manged to garner quite an audience, this time not only from Apple fans but from the other side too. Most of the reviews that have been published depict the iPad Air in a positive light. Nothing to be surprised, considering iPad Air is one of the best tablets, or probably the best tablet in the world!

So if you have decided to buy the iPad Air, here are a few tips which some of you might need.

iPad Air waiting line

Buy iPad Air Online

You might have probably seen almost every major retail website “selling the iPad Air”. What most of these sites do is they make you pre-order the iPad Air and ship it to you quite late.

If you are happy with waiting then you can order the iPad Air online and wait a couple of days to get your hands on one but if like me you don’t like waiting then the best option is the official Apple website.

Now there is a slight catch. Once the iPad Air officially goes live on Friday (depending on where you live), the best thing to do is head over to, and order the iPad Air. Make sure you visit your country’s Apple website at around 12:00am (in your country’s time). That way the iPad Air will be shipped to you within 24 hours (happening right now in some countries).

It is expected that the iPad Air is going to sell like hot cakes and some reports have pegged the iPad Air to be in short supply so you might want to get a head start on buying the iPad Air online.

iPad Air

iPad Air Shopping

If you are more of an outgoer, then you might want to get out of your house and visit your local Apple store. The thing that is going to surprise you (maybe not?) is that there might be hundreds of people already waiting in lines outside the Apple stores.

Those are the pure Apple fans who might have waited some days before the official launch.

If you want to get the iPad Air on the launch day then I suggest you to wake up early and head to your nearest Apple store, although you won’t be one of the first ones but nonetheless you will still manage to get your desired coloured iPad Air.

Well those were some of the tips for getting the iPad Air. If you are currently waiting in line outside an Apple store, tweet us a picture @Maypalo and we will include yours in upcoming posts.


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