iPad Air Is 88% Faster Than iPad 4 (Benchmark Scores)

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When Apple announced the iPad Air, people focused more on the aesthetics than on the internals. iPad Air does have a complete new design and overall built but the internals have changed too. In fact the internals have given the iPad Air a huge boost when compared to its predecessor - an 88 percent boost.

When Apple unveiled the iPad Air, most of us know what was coming, after all there were so many leaks that we had pictured the entire thing in our minds as well as on the screens. But when Apple officially launched it, there were still millions out there who were surprised and pretty much pleased with the new device.

iPad Air

The weight and the thickness reduction gave the iPad lineup a fresh breath of air and something to stand on the lead. After all the competition is heating up and there are now some serious contenders in the market.

The one thing that is going to please many iPad Air owners or those of you who are looking to buy the iPad Air, that is, the new device from Apple has some serious raw power. How much? A cool 88 percent more than the last one!

iPad Air benchmark The Geekbench scores are in and the iPad Air with its A7 64-bit processor is truly impressive. Clocking at 1400 MHz the iPad Air is almost 90 percent faster than the iPad 4 - which was already quite fast.

This just goes to show that the iPad Air is not only different on the outside but the inside has got a makeover too!

But we should mention here that these benchmark scores do not prove any “real-world-result”. These are mostly for testing the raw power of the processor, so do not take these results as the final authority. Although they do give us an idea on how good the processor can perform. And, in this case Apple’s A7 processor surely does make a difference.

Is this going to be enough to make you buy the iPad Air?

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