Here Are The Complete Details Regarding iPad Air - Design, Specs, Price, Availability!

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It is finally here - although with a new name. Apple has announced the iPad Air, the next generation iPad and the most advanced iPad so far from Apple. As it has been announced you would want to know all the details about it. Well check out the complete details; specs, design, price availability of the new iPad Air.

iPad Air

iPad Air is basically the iPad 5 but Apple has deciding to rename it. The reasons? Well Apple says that the new iPad brings so many changes to the current iPad that they decided to give it a new name - the iPad Air.

So what exactly are the new changes that Apple has brought with the iPad Air? So let’s directly dig into the details and tell you exactly each and everything you would want to know about the iPad Air. Let’s begin.

iPad Air Design

When it comes to designing products, Apple has no comparison. Apple has simply created a masterpiece here without a doubt. I for one was skeptical on how Apple’s next-gen iPad would look like, although we had seen the pictures but seeing the official thing is quite a difference.

iPad Air is simply stunning design wise.

iPad Air

iPad Air is different from its predecessors, it now has a 43 percent less bezel as compared to the previous ones. Instead of the gradual slope of the previous iPads, the iPad Air now features drastic curves with diamond cut chamfered edges.

The iPad Air weighs 1 pound (453 grams), making it 0.4lbs lighter than the 4th generation iPad. The new weight makes the iPad Air the lightest full size tablet in the world. It is also thinner. The iPad Air is 7.5 mm thick, (25 percent thinner than the previous one) making it the thinnest tablet in the world - again which something Apple is very proud of.

Design wise the iPad Air is a complete beauty.

iPad Air Specs

We had already know pretty much everything related to the iPad Air. iPad Air has the same A7 processor as the iPhone 5S. To put that in comparison, iPad Air is now 72 times more powerful than the original iPad which was launched three years ago.

The iPad Air has the new faster 802.11 ac MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) WiFi technology, this is surely going to give your iPad a new speed boost in terms of WiFi capabilities.

iPad Air design

The iPad Air with the 64-bit A7 processor has the new M7 co-processor that is currently available in the iPhone 5S. For those of you who are unaware, the new M7 processor gathers information generated from the sensors to make the product smarter.

The iPad Air comes with a 10 hour-long battery life, the same as the iPad 4. But do remember that because of the new design, Apple’s iPad Air should have decreased battery life but the battery life remains the same. A remarkable feat for any company.

iPad Air Camera

Let’s agree on something, the iPad’s camera for the last couple of years has completely sucked. Although Apple has not brought incredible changes to the iPad Air’s camera but we have some improvements.

The iPad Air now features an improved 5 mega-pixel iSight camera and a new 1080p front-facing camera with dual mics for video chat. Although nothing really extraordinary but a welcome nonetheless.

iPad Air Availability & Price

If the above features have convinced you into buying the iPad Air, you should be happy to know that iPad Air will be launched in a huge number of countries this November 1.

iPad Air comes in silver/white, space grey and black colour.

The iPad Air on November 1 will be available for $499 16GB WiFi, and $629 for the 16GB LTE version.

iPad air app switcher

iPad Air Overall

Apple has launched the iPad Air not as a powerhouse or not even as a feature-rich iPad. Instead it has focused all its manpower on the design of the iPad Air. Making it lighter and thinner than previous generation iPads was Apple’s key focus here.

Apple has in fact missed out some of the rumors we had been hearing. iPad Air does not come with the fingerprint touch ID technology or the gold colour we had been hearing about. It does miss quite a bit in terms of features.

But that isn’t what Apple is about, Apple wanted to make the perfect product it would. And, that is exactly what they have done with the iPad Air.

Well what are your thoughts about the iPad Air?

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