doulCi Software To Bypass iCloud Activation Currently In Works

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I have a good news for all those people who are trying to bypass iCloud Activation using the doulCi server. It seems that the doulCi server is finally going to be in the form of a software. You will be able to download doulCi software and be able to unlock iPhone without a fuss. Details regarding the doulCi software below.

iCloud Bypass Activator

The team behind doulCi has mentioned that they are working on a software to bypass iCloud Activation. This software is called iCloud Bypass Activator - no surprise here. But the best thing about the software is; unlike the server, which always had to be online and for you to enter the magic line (doulCi IP); all these things are going to be done automatically. Which as you can imagine is pretty great.

The doulCi software a.k.a iCloud Bypass Activator will work on all iPhones ranging from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S; including all iPads. All iOS 7 versions are supported too. And, to add cherry to the top, it is going to be free.

doulCi hack

Currently the software is in works and there is no confirmed ETA for it. But the Mac version for the doulCi software is at 94 percent completion while the Windows one is at 85 percent. So the release day is pretty close.

Once the doulCi server software is released, I will post a guide on how to use it and all the details regarding the iCloud Bypass Activator. So stay tuned.

If there are any questions, comment below.

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101 Comments to doulCi Software To Bypass iCloud Activation Currently In Works

  1. entering the itunes but still cant activate my phone needs activation ??
    can anybody help me
    whats gonna be released soon ??
    i need urgent help
    anybody worked with him ??

  2. i have been waiting for more than 3 months it seams that thease r promisies like israelians and the un security consule ,,,all are pull shit

  3. so once someone uses this software or the server to bypass the icloud, is that it? I mean would one have to use it all the time to use the device or would you only have to use it once to turn off icloud?

  4. you mean , i can bypass the icloud lock , and use a sim card in the iphone 5 ? and i can use it normaly ??? if it is , i will donate !!!!!

  5. hi,
    when I use doulCi server IP to activate my iPad 3, it is activated in itunes but on the iPad window activation is still there. Please what should I do? if someone has another solution that I proposed.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. Ok I° STEP i am windows with “IPAD of MAX” i must actived IPAD with ITUNES backup
    when i do backup problem connection …..iPad “FOR IPAD RIMAX” because not it was possible to initiate a connection with IPAD. perhaps I must reset with DFU mode and restore IPAD air and actived control up server apple?
    Can help me boy?

  7. wow, it’s been like a year waiting for a specific software to do that. i hope it’ll be release. if it will, i might want to donate. thanks for the updating

  8. Hi there everyone…

    Where I can download that application….also please send me the link that I can download it…

    many thanks in advance to all

  9. I try to find where dah man can not ever beg toolnya .i admin can send an email to ..galedorkapuyuak @ tanks on admin

  10. I did the steps edited the host file and connected my iPhone 4s ios 7.1.2. it showd me warning and I clicked yes then there was a error from itune…I clicked “OK”… now I can see the device backup and syn options in windows but iPhone is still on icloud bypass screen.

  11. Hi, very interesting pages, hope the doulci soft works for testers
    If its real, i am asking if anyone can send me please link to download the famous software to bypass.
    Been months waiting for definite solution
    Thanks to all

  12. Hope that all of those who are asking for a link got it.
    Interesting pages to go through. I am asking please if anyone can send me a link for software download to bypass ange.ruth23 at been waiting months for absolute solution

  13. tengo un problema. Tengo un ipod 5g que estaba bloqueado por icloud, cambie el host por la magic line de doulci y al conectar el ipod al itunes funciono aparecio configurar como nuevo ipod, ahora me muestra todo como si estuviese desbloqueado pero la pantalla de mi ipod aun sigue pidiendo la contraseña para activarlo que hago?

  14. andre johnson

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    NOW our software is ready to bypass every icloud lock.Our high tech software
    can unlock all A4 chip devices like models,4,4s,5,5s,5c all the ipads. ready customers only.If you

    really want to use your phone contact US.
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  15. I think that doulci i cheating us, just to checking everyday attheir website they are getting richer and richer. So doulci is big dissapointmet

  16. hope to be available..
    I have donated already on other
    website… what they did is they hack my email..
    and my iphone still no good

    I should have listen to doulci’s warning before.

  17. Don’t any of you understand?
    Doulci is fake and fraud.
    They are just making revenue,everytime you hit their website they go to bank.
    There is No Doulci.
    Just understand these Fraudsters.

  18. pls help to unlock my iphone 5s icloud, because i buy from other, so i dont no how to unlock the icloud, someone pls help me send the Doulci Activator software to me please, this is my email: [email protected]

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