Here Is The Latest IP Address For doulCi Server

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I have been getting a lot of messages regarding doulCi server IP addresses. As the server keeps getting updated for improvements and what not, the IP address (magic line) sometimes changes. Well if you are looking for the latest IP address for the doulCi server then check out below.

doulCi Server IP Address

Those of you who have been following us for a long time would know about a method which allows you to bypass iCloud Activation, free of cost; using a simple but very effective technique. It’s called doulCi and it is basically a server.

If this is the first time you are hearing about the doulCi iCloud bypass, then I strongly suggest you to check out description and how to bypass iCloud activation.

Well those of you who already know about it and want the new doulCi server IP’s. I have listed them below.

doulCi hack

Instead of just posting one and forgetting about it, I have decided that I will update this post regularly with all the latest doulCi IP addresses.

The current doulCi server IP addresses are:


Updated doulCi IP’s:

  • Update 1:
  • Update 2:
  • Update 3:

As the IP address of the doulCi server changes, I will update the post with new ones.

Also, if you find any of the above doulCi server IP address that do not work, then comment below so I can make changes, therefor other people will know about it too. Also if you happen to have the latest doulCi server IP; drop a comment too.

If you have a question regarding the new doulCi server IP address. Comment by the usual medium.

On a side note, I do read all the messages but replying to each and every message is not possible, due to the sheer quantity. But if a question keeps being repeated I will post a solution on Maypalo, so all of you can see it.

Major Update: doulCi is being currently transformed into a software, so you won’t need any IP address or to check if server is online. All details regarding the doulCi software here.

Final Update: doulCi is dead! Check out the complete information on doulCi server, software, IP address update 2015.

CEO & Founder of Maypalo

354 Comments to Here Is The Latest IP Address For doulCi Server

      • I’v use the IP but it’s don’t work on my iPad

        itunes show following message


      • thank you doulci team…i try your magic line and it yes its work cheersssss 🙂 my phone is change to the IOS 7.2.1 but still im so sad 🙁 because the current icloud id is still on and they currently linked to the previous owner….can you help me plssssss……….

      • Tahir yaseen

        aslamo alaiekum Frhan bhai mera pass iphone 5 ha mane khareeda tha or mujha nae pata tha ka icloud id laga hua ha mane reset kr dia ab wo icloud id maangta ha .mane jab apki site daekhi to yahan jo apna ip adress diya tha latest us se baypass kiya mger baypass nae hua and iphone5 ki serial no or sari info aa gye mager baypass nae hua plz mari help karien k ma kase baypass kroun thanks my id [email protected] .me from pakistan

      • We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection could not be established. There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later.”

        I do have this message and It wont work.. I tried everything…
        can you help me plz

    • DOESNT WORK. IPAD2. Gets pass in Tunes but the activation lock is still on iPad. Stuck in Connect in iTunes then some kind of couldn’t connect error when trying to sync. I dunno. I’ve tried all the good IPs.

  1. it doesn’t work. iTunes can get into the iPhone 5s, but the phone itself isn’t bypassed… still on activation lock.

  2. I have the same issue - Itunes gets through, but my ipod touch 5 does not. Any suggestions on how to by pass this?

  3. it doesn’t work. iTunes can get into the Ipad Air, but the Ipad itself isn’t bypassed… still on activation lock.

  4. Was able to pass activation on Itunes but still not on Ipad 2. Cause maybe of server status? Using the new Magic Lines for 18th

  5. Muhammad Majid Maqsood

    its not working. itunes just show the restore steps, but phone isn’t bypassed and still on apple ID.

  6. I can unlock the activation on iTunes but not on my ipod touch 5th generation. Please new ip ? im using august 19th ips

  7. I can unlock the activation on iTunes but not on my ipod touch 5th generation. Please new ip ? im using august 19th ips.

  8. Veer Kothari

    Same here i m too useing the updated Ip -
    Bt it passes into itnes bt m stucked at the activation screen on te iphone 4s
    Its parially bypasses.
    Plz gve n solution.

  9. thank you alot. i think that is why people are getting difficulties you should best let them be aware of this

  10. Im still having trouble bypassing my ipods activation lock but I can bypass iTunes? any advice, I tried all three new ips and all I can do is bpass iTunes. Thanks!!

  11. Dunston Diaz

    doesn’t work. it bypass’s the itunes enter iclould username and password screen and it goes to phone information screen (update, Restore etc) but through the phone it doesnt jump from the enter iclould user name and password screen as shown in videos.

  12. Greetings from Russia. I managed to get around just Itunes. I see all the information about my iphone 5. But Activating the phone fails, it is a problem of servers or I doing something wrong? Thank you

  13. Is the doulci server even active anymore? If you go to there official site it says they are working on a downloadable file for windows and osx, but I don’t see where it says if the server is active? I’ve tried all ips and all I can bypass is activation on iTunes and not on my ipod? Anybody have suggestions. Thanks

  14. Same is here, itunes accept the ip and pass activation but iphone still on icloud lock screen!! So where is the problem?

  15. Hey Farhan, I went to and cant seem to find where it says if the server is on or not? Can you tell me if it is still working. Also, the ips you have listed only bypass iTunes and not the device itself. Can you please tell me if I have to do something else to make the device unlocked? I tried all the doulci server numbers you have listed but only get iTunes unlocked.

    Thank You, I appreciate your time!!

    • I too get this same issue on my iPhone 5. iTunes is completely unlocked (However, cannot sync or backup iPhone) but the iPhone is still locked via iCloud. Any updates?

      Thanks in advance.

    • @sean
      if you read the posts above, the ip-based iCloud bypass does NOT work anymore for anything except iPhone 4. my guess is that doulci is NOT running these servers, but someone else.

      • @jun
        I believe you are correct. We just have to wait for the downloadable file from doulci to unlock the newer devices!!!

  16. The first time the site had been raising, I think it was 11.8 this has to work for me. I think we should wait until the server is online it seems that it is not often.

  17. a reply from farhan himself would put us all straight pls…………………….. whats happening so far with servers and is it true 4s are not going to be bypassed by this now? im awaiting a reply pls……………………..

    this is the latest ip address but i dont how to where to add this.

    can anybody pls tell me
    this is the itunes host file,
    # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.
    # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
    # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
    # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
    # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
    # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
    # space.
    # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
    # lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.
    # For example:
    # # source server
    # # x client host

    # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
    # localhost
    # ::1 localhost

    now can u pls tell me whr to add doulci’s ip address??

  19. Veer Kothari

    yaa me too trying to bypass my iphone 4s ios 7.1.2
    i have tried the updated ip
    Bt same prblm it only bppasses into itunes bt not the phone activation screen

  20. Do not lose your time with activate by servers because this kind of activation was based on a bug of Apple server which was patched long time ago (after 27 of June). For now the only working solution is to hack the e-mail linked with iCloud account and to recover the password. There is no other solution and d0ulCi is others are FAKES !

  21. @ Rahul Udhwani,

    Go to notepad, right click (run as administrator) windows, system 32, drivers, etc, hosts ( you must say show hidden files. go to the folder etc. and go to host) once you have host on notepad copy the lastest ip address on the last line without no dashes!! make sure its is completely to the left. Now add to the end of the latest ip address. and save the file as the hosts file. you must be an administrator!!

    Also it probably will only get you past iTunes activation screen and not the phone itself!! (I believe we have to wait for doulci to release the downloadable software!!!!

  22. Update 3:
    IS NOT WORKING! I tried it as soon as you posted…. Did you check your self before posting it?????

  23. The ip servers have not been working!! We have to wait for the doulci downloadable software!! They have not worked all week and only work on older devices with a5 chip!! Im not sure if the ip address will ever work again!!

  24. hey Farhan not working..itunes software successfully bypass the activation..but still the Ipad still on activation screen..

  25. This is a line I just copied from the ‘How to use doulCi to unlock your iOs device’ page a second ago. You people need to read this & try to understand it!!!

    [quote]By using doulCi, you are not completely unlocking your iPhone. To completely unlock the iPhone you still the need keys which Apple has. The hackers have mentioned they are working on a way to get the iPhone to read your SIM card (complete unlocking). This will be updated in the coming days – I will post it on Maypalo once the new version is available.[quote]

    Get it? He will post when the new version is available!!!

      • Yeah well he said he will post when the new version is available didn’t he? Ask a stupid question expect a stupid answer. C’mon are you computer geeks or phone thieves??!!

        • well thats a secret..why do i tell u who i am?..:) and you darko dont be studid commenting here..i think you are the one a phone thieves here..

          • Lol im sensing a little hostility here! Ok I will dont be stupid if you stay calm & grab a breathe deal? I did not ask nor do I care who you are. It was a rhetorical question! Comprehend muppet?

  26. fake product . ipad mini still locked on actual device yet itunes shows ipad directory and set up as new ipad………………

  27. There are a couple of details being missed I feel.

    To: Farhan

    Those of us that have a business that revolves around fixing iDevices for people are very grateful for what you are providing and to speak for myself am more then willing to donate to the cause if I could understand how to use your product.

    I have been having what seems like a common problem with iTunes Activating but the iDevice stays on the activation screen.

    Farhan, if you could explain what we are doing that only activates iTunes and not the iDevice.
    I have followed your directions and went to the “” site and found it active.

    Been following you on twitter as well and it would seem that at the time that I am writing this. 3;45pm CST

    1. I then restored my iDevice using an original hosts files - “WITHOUT magic lines”
    My reason for this was to ensure that I had a fresh system to follow your steps with.
    2. “” is ONLINE
    3. according to a post on twitter listed below “Update 3” is the correct IP address to use.
    Maypalo ‏@Maypalo Aug 22
    #doulCi server IP updated. See “Update 3”: … via @Maypalo
    4. Which after following the address “Update 3:”
    I added the 2 following lines to my hosts file : Located @ “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”
    I also Pinged and got a response.
    5. I picked language “English”
    6. I Picked the Country “United States”
    7. This is where I wasn’t sure what to do. it has 2 options - “I have not found a clear answer to this choice anywhere”
    a. Choose a Wi-Fi Network
    b. Connect to iTunes
    Your steps that cover my step 7 was as follows - “This was a bit unclear as to weather I should choose Wi-Fi or iTunes”
    “Step 3: On the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch go to the activation lockscreen.”
    “Step 4: Now connect your device to iTunes.”

    Note: “I decided to try both”
    Note:”I started both times with iTunes off”

    8. I selected “Connect to iTunes”
    “Recieved Error”
    “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out…etc…”
    In response to this error I immediately attempted to connect to “” Which was successful
    “as a secondary measure I cleared my browser history and cache to make sure it wasn’t being loaded locally.”

    9. I choose a Wi-Fi Netowrk and pressed next
    “Recieved Same Error”
    “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out…etc…”

    10. At this point I assumed one of the following
    a. The Server was active, but there was an error connecting with your service.
    b. When I restored my iDevice before I started. The updated software maybe incompatible with your service.
    c. The newest version of iTunes that i’m using is incompatible with your service.
    d. The IP Address is incorrect
    e. The Service no longer works or never did.

    My email address is: [email protected]
    I am on Google+ as well as Facebook
    If you would be willing to take the time to show me how I might get this to work I’d be will to share with others as I’m sure your time is very valuable.

  28. I had recently bought a frikkin stolen iphone, will it work with this? I am trying to restore it but it keeps saying that its in LOST MODE….when I turn on the phone, you need to input the passcode and I dont know how to get to the activation screen, if the phone is in lost mode and is also locked by a passcode, is it possible to restore it so it will go to the activation screen? Help is appreciated!

  29. I’m confused by the way you list the IP addresses. Which is the most recent “known good” one? How does one determine what the current IP address is and whether the server is up or down?

    And what is with the “” domain? Does one need to put 2 entries in the hosts file or just the albert one?

    Finally, is anyone clear on which version(s) of iTunes are needed? Does the hack work on PCs or Macs or both?

    Thanks in advance.

  30. these ip adresses only work for itunes not for iphone so plz update the ip adress ,plz………………………

  31. ok so i got it to identify as my phone but i think i messed up in not unplugging it after the second error. how to I start from fresh and re-do this? my HOSTS file has been changed already

  32. Please can someone help, I have tried several IP addresses, does anyone know which is correct, I am using a pc trytingto unlick an ipad

  33. Well, it worked for me.. i used the ip Update 1:
    But unfortunately i only bypassed iTunes iCloud activation screen, and have pictures to prove it..
    still working on the iPhone activation screen problem.. if someone has a solution please reply.

  34. the screen still stuck on activation but iTunes says welcome to your new iphone and now not even that after several tries..if anyone can help plz email [email protected] and can anyone help me bypass carrier lock?thank you in advance..

  35. i have put in the ip address and this message appears ” Itunes was unable to load data class information from sync services. Reconnect or try later” im so confused on where to put it and can you give and eg on what the host file looks like?
    ive been waiting for weeks now.

  36. i jus got into it. theres something u neda do after using there ip and connecting. its wwaaay to hard to explain nowonder they havent explained.. thanks doulci !!

  37. James, can you please explain what must be done to bypass the devices activation screen. I have only always got iTunes to bypass activation screen and not device. What else must be done. Thank you

  38. @@@ darkoh: how did you do it?
    any luck please help guys 🙁 im stuck on the screen nothing happens after itunes have done the unlocking..the device still remains locked.


  39. i got it to set up as a new phone when connect to itunes but nothing happens on the phone itself. it still @ activtion sitting.

  40. if everyone stuck only after itune unlock means there is a way how to approach further on unlocking the idevice as commented up there i will try my best seeing how he might have done so i may share with you all here if mr. james really cant tell

  41. This is a free and comprehensive report about is hosted in United States on a server with an IP address of In United States the local currency is USD ($). The website is expected to be earning an estimated $562 USD on a daily basis. If was to be sold it would possibly be worth $205,133 USD (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 12 month period). According to our google pagerank analysis, the url currently has a pagerank of 0/10. Our records indicate that receives an estimated 130,693 unique visitors each day - an insane amount of traffic! fake fake fake try to bypass icloud they have a software

  42. here is new doulci icloud activator

    I just unlock my 5s with this!




    totally free direct link

  43. Hey Aamir Khan. I downloaded the file and it says it is just a sample and to wait for doulci to release theres. The program never finds my device. Any other suggestions?? Thank You

  44. I was able get into the iphone through this method. But once i am in the phone with itunes there is no way to activate the phone with itunes. What should i don next? Please help.

  45. I’m doing everything according to the tutorial, but after confirming server it just shows that server not found
    any solution please?

  46. Humza is right…. Update 2 (IP is asking for an Apple ID and a Password. Right now do not know what the Apple ID and Password are for the following IP Address; plus the other 3 IP Addresses do not work.

    Also, Aamir KHan, can you send doulci icloud activator to me? My email is [email protected]. Thanks!!!

  47. Aamir KHan, can you send doulci icloud activator to me? My email is sishwashwa555 , IPAD IS BLOCKED. Thanks!!!

  48. I am with Jerry, When we do find a Doucli IP Address that works it usually needs a UserName and a Password, but what is the UserName and Password or how do we go about getting one?

    I am still in need of the Doucli Activator and the Credentials to log in…. Feel free to email me at anytime…anyone


    Kevin Patton
    [email protected]

  49. When we do find a Doucli IP Address that works it usually needs a UserName and a Password, but what is the UserName and Password or how do we go about getting one?

  50. Above mentioned all IP’s are blocked. They all are not running..
    pls give me another running doulci IP.

  51. hi mr. farhan sir. could you please email me the id and password for the server thank you very much!

  52. Hello Mr. Farhan, appreciate send me an email with the username and password for the server

  53. Hey, if you can help me please contact me. I need an Login for the IP. Also contact me please if you habe an IP who ist still works! Thank you so much

    [email protected]
    or WhatsApp

  54. Please heple me i have an iphone 5s locked icloud please share user and password for server
    Thks very much

  55. Hi farhan its not working for me what is the current status of server and what is the magic line ip for doulci server
    i have activation code but i dont have the magic line

  56. can u please email me username and password and instructions please im a noob to this i appreciate it

  57. pode me enviar algum codigo ou alguma coisa para desbloquear meu ipad ja tenho o programa e sei os procedimentos.

  58. Sirs Can I have the username and password to longin I am a NOOB in this.
    All the help will be really appriciated.

  59. Hi, can you send me the username and password for please?
    i really need your program to unlock my iPhone 4.
    Please send it to [email protected]
    Thank you so much for what you and your team has been doing for us all. 🙂

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