Samsung Galaxy S5 Challenges iPhone For The Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the world by storm, from celebrities to world politicians, the entire world is doing it. And, it seems that this new trend is being taken by smartphones, or in this case the Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has used this trend to advertise its flagship device.

The Ice Bucket Challenge had been started to raise awareness about the dangerous Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Since the original Ice Bucket Challenge video, thousands of people have done this challenge and it has raised millions of dollars. Something which is definitely great.

But it seems Samsung has used this challenge to advertise its device.

Samsung ice bucket

Check out the video below which shows Samsung Galaxy S5 doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenging iPhone 5S and the HTC device.

Well as you know how Apple is, therefore the iPhone is most probably will likely to not accept the Ice Bucket Challenge.


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  1. Insane samsung for chanlenging iphone that the celphone is not waterproof. That shows that they are far behind whenever an iphone releases their products. What are the new features of s5. None at all

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