How To Get Google’s Mobile Network “Project Fi”

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After many rumors, and somewhat leaks, it has finally been unveiled. Google’s mobile network called “Project Fi” has been revealed and it is sounds surprisingly good! If you want to try out the new network, here are the things you should do.

Google Project Fi

Project Fi is the new project from Google and it is a seamless integration of Sprint and T-Mobile as they are the current partners in this project with Google. So how does this system exactly work? Well the process is pretty simply, the phone (currently only available to Nexus 6) switches between Sprint, T-Mobile and WiFi-hotspot depending on which one is the fastest. The fastest one is connected to your phone and you can start messaging, calling or do whatever with your phone. This is being called as the ‘network of networks’.

The thing that I find this quite reasonable is that the price starts from $20/month and goes up with every GB of data you use. For every one GB that is used, the price will increase by $10. Sounds expensive but this is available in 120 countries! And the price remains the same no matter what country you are in.

project fi


Although the entire thing sounds very reasonable (depending on who you ask). It will be only available to the Nexus 6 once it is released by Motorola. More will be added soon I suppose.

Check out the video below of project fi from Google.

Right now project fi is invite only and is available in selected areas. If you want to check if you are in the selected areas, check their map. Once you are eligible, head over to the invite section and join the program!

This seems very interesting but let’s see how Google actually pulls this off!

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