New Feature In Google Photos Will Help You Free Up Space!

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I receive a lot of questions regarding what is the best way to free up space on your iPhone, especially those 16 GB ones. Generally it is delete the apps that you don’t normally use but the biggest one is deleting pictures. Most of our smartphones have pictures and videos that take a huge chunk of space. Well, thanks to Google Photos that will not happen anymore!

Google Photos, the app offered by Google (which I personally believe is the best app offered by Google besides Search) is going to get a big upgrade in the coming days.

The new feature which is simply called ‘Free Up Space’, will free a huge amount of space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch; where ever Google Photos is installed.

Google Photos free space

What this feature will do is delete the photos and videos that have already been backed up by Google Photos. This is just going to delete the photos from your iOS device but you will be able to access them when you are connected to an internet connection.

This is definitely going to be a great feature that will free up space on your iPhone or other iOS devices. Once the update has been rolled out make sure you update the app. For those of you are who new, download Google Photos from the App Store.

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3 Comments to New Feature In Google Photos Will Help You Free Up Space!

  1. Come on! Sending my private stuff online to correct Apple ‘s fault, is not the way i Had in mind to solve this Problem.

    WHY DO I NOT HAVE 16gb of freespace on my 16 gb device!!??

    Why do I lost rediciolous 2 Gb for the iOS !? They sold it to me as 16 gb… And after having it ready in the standard setup, I have left only about 13gb or so. NOT 16 gb …or at least 15,5gb !!!

    This is a fraud to the customers !!!!

    Let’s discus this seriously ! This has nothing to to with 1gb is 1.000.000 kb… Or 1gb = 1.024.000 kb or anything like this! They do not sold it as the customer expect it.

    IT IS SOLD WITH 16gb STORAGE CAPACITY! And that is what I payed for!

    Kind regards from Germany

      • ME FOR PRESIDENT ! 😀

        Would you vote?

        I recently talked to apple (tier2) about this particular fact…. They don’t really know what they should answer to my simple question. WHY DO I NOT HAVE THE FREE SPACE FOR WHAT I HAVE PAYED !?

        So if Apple changes something regarding this… Then you all know, it was my heroic effort fighting for us customers to get what we payed for 😀

        Stop accepting what they trying to tell us.

        WE spent the money … So WE are in the Telling position!

        ME FOR TIM COOK!!
        RIP STEVE JOBS … You are a genius!

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