Why Google’s Photo App Is The Only Photo App You Need

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Google launched Android M and myriad of bug fixes for its up-coming Android operating system at the Google I/O 2015, but one thing that clearly awestruck me, was the new photos app; simply called Google Photos. If you haven’t heard about it yet or haven’t used it, then I suggest you to read this entire post, on why Google photos is the best photo service app you will use.

Google Photos is born out of the Google+ photo service where you could easily store your pictures, but people were not using it due to the unpopularity of Google+, therefore Google needed something new, a fresh start - that is where Google needed the photos app.

Google Photos, which is available for: Android, iOS, web and computers is probably the best photo service app that is currently available for free. So what exactly is so good about the photos app from Google?

Google Photos


It’s Free!

The first and probably the best thing about the Google Photos is the storage size. If you want to store photos in their original quality you can store up to 15 GB for free and after that you have to pay, but if you want to store the pictures in a lower quality (the difference isn’t much between paid quality and free one) you can store unlimited amount of pictures! Yes folks, unlimited pictures.

If you have pictures in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, then the Google Photos is probably the best solution.

Animation, Collage, Movies!

Google Photos is a feature which automatically creates animations, collages and movies for you - you don’t need to do a single thing! And these are not just random but carefully selected by algorithms which Google uses.

I found that the movies feature is pretty awesome since it combines and gives background music on multiple videos and all of them are related to each other.


This is probably one of the features which truly impressed me. I have pictures of weddings and when I typed the wedding in the search bar, it displayed them automatically, even though I had not tagged them whatsoever.

Google’s mighty search engine algorithms play a huge part in this and makes the experience better. Although there are some false positives but most of the time it is pretty accurate.

Every Platform!

Another awesome thing about Google Photos is that it is available for all major Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Simply install it and it will automatically start backing up all the pictures.

Overall Google Photos is probably the best photo storage service you can get. You can download Google Photos right away.

Let me know what you think about the service from Google in the comment section below.

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