How To Get All Worldwide Filters On Snapchat

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Are you an avid Snapchat user? If yes then I have a great tweak for you to impress your friends - well sort of. Remember all those filters on Snapchat, the ones your friends sent you but you didn’t have them? Now you can; not only that, but you can get any filter from all over the world! Here is how to get all worldwide filters on snapchat.

The way you get filters on Snapchat is using a technique called geotagging. Whenever you take a picture, it checks your location and displays a filter accordingly. So if you take a picture in San Francisco, it will display a filter from there by checking the location. This new Cydia tweak called Phantom for Snapchat spoofs your location, allowing you to select any location in the world, thus you getting any filter from a specific place.

Once you download Phantom for Snapchat by downloading from the repo:, you will see a new cross hair icon whenever you take a picture on Snapchat. By tapping on the icon, you can select the place from where you want the filters from.

Snapchat spoof location

Phantom for Snapchat is a pretty cool Cydia tweak if you regularly use Snapchat and as it is free you can give it a try and send some pretty cool snaps to your friends.

Well, what do you think about Phantom for Snapchat?

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