Police Bring Down Massive Fake iPhone Producing Factory In China

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China has been known for producing counterfeit goods and that’s why the Chinese police are cracking down on people who are doing these malicious things. Well, the Beijing police recently arrested nine people who were involved in producing counterfeit iPhones and it wasn’t just a dozen of them but in thousands. The police closed an entire factory of fake iPhones!

The factory which produced fake iPhones was located outside of Beijing and was producing about 41,000 iPhones valued at a market price of $19 million!

The factory employed hundreds of people who packaged used smartphone parts as iPhones and exported them. Some of these fake iPhones even reached the U.S., that’s when the Beijing police were tipped off about the fake iPhones.

iPhone 6 in store

This is not the first time we have heard reports coming out of China regarding fake iPhones. We have previously seen people smuggling iPhones wrapped around a person and some using even donkey carts.

Bringing this major fake-iPhone producing factory is going to decrease the counterfeit iPhones in the market but it is not the end. The battle between the police and these criminals will keep going on as long as iPhones remain popular.

(Via Reuters).

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