Google Now Owned By The Super-company ‘Alphabet’

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Google has made some huge announcements today or should I say Alphabet Inc.. Starting today Google is going to be owned by Alphabet which is a new company that has been created by the co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It’s a bit confusing but let me break it down to you.

Now before you get more confused on what this new Alphabet company is; well, it is an umbrella corporation that owns Google and pretty much everything that is inside Google. Google has been slimmed down to: ads, maps, Chrome, Android and other small things.

Since Google is so huge, the founders decided to break it down into smaller groups each with its CEO. Google’s new CEO is going to be Sundar Pichai; who was already leading a major part of Google.

The reason for creating Alphabet is that Google no longer just focuses on search - it has tons of new things too! Such as Life Sciences which is currently in the process of creating lens that can detect glucose from your eyes - it is the biological part of Google. Another one is Calico Labs which focuses on longevity.

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The new domain for Alphabet, the owner of Google is, as the domain was most probably taken. You can read the entire letter posted by Larry Page who is now the CEO of Alphabet and Sergey Brin as the President.

It is a very interesting move from Google to break itself into smaller parts as it will recruit top talents who are fed up with Google’s bureaucracy.

Google has become too big for its own good and by breaking it down, the founders of Google are making sure that the company remains here for a very long-term and be one of the leading tech giants in the world.

What are your thoughts on Alphabet?

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