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Those of you who are gamers or just love watching other people play games can finally rejoice as the YouTube gaming app is going to go live starting tomorrow! You will be able to download the YouTube gaming app for both iOS and Android and the links for that are below!

Download YouTube Gaming App

At E3, YouTube mentioned that they would be launching their own streaming service for gamers - a direct competitor to Twitch. They didn’t mention a release date, just giving us the hint that it would be released this summer. Well, the day has finally come.

YouTube Gaming is going to be launched tomorrow at You can already check it out as it is live. But starting tomorrow the whole streaming services will be open to everyone.

youtube gaming app

As the site goes live, so will the apps with it. YouTube is going to launch standalone apps for both iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Android devices.

The streaming YouTube site for gamers will allow people to select games that they wanna see live-streamed. For example if you are a Dota player, then there will be an entire category for people who want to see live matches of people playing Dota.

The service is similar to Twitch but most tech pundits have predicted that YouTube’s service will serve users better because of the infrastructure Google has.

Once the apps are up. I will post the download links below.

Download YouTube Gaming iOS.

Download YouTube Gaming Android.

Let’s see who wins the battle between Twitch (owned by Amazon) and YouTube (owned by Google/Alphabet).

Who are you betting on?

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