iPhone 6C Will Be Launched Next Month (Rumor)

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This is something we are not expecting. In fact this will be shocking to a lot of people if Apple does indeed release an iPhone 6C. According to a recent rumor originating from a well-known leaker who in the past has accurately leaked various Apple components mentioned that Apple is going to release an iPhone 6C next month in September.

iPhone 6C

Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks today posted on Twitter that Apple is going to release iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6C; something which we haven’t heard about a lot in the past.

Evan in the past has correctly leaked various iPhone parts, so this does have some credibility to it. But besides a simple tweet there are no concrete facts.

Albeit not hearing a lot about it but this is not the first time we are hearing about iPhone 6C. DigiTimes, a Taiwanese newspaper, which is sometimes reliable mentioned about the iPhone 6C and that Apple was going to launch it alongside the next-generation iPhones. Although it later retracted saying that due to some issues Apple will instead launch the iPhone 6C next summer.

iPhone 6C

It is interesting to see if Apple does indeed launch the iPhone 6C but personally if I have to take a guess, I don’t think Apple will launch the 6C after seeing that people do not prefer iPhones of this type.

Do you think Apple will launch the iPhone 6C alongside the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus?

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