iPhone With 7 Days Battery Life Built Using Hydrogen Cell!

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One of the biggest complaints of Apple’s iPhone users is the battery life. Although Apple has been steadily improving the battery life of the iPhone but it is still not enough for some people. You can last your iPhone’s battery for a day but then you will have to use it moderately. Imagine if you can use your iPhone for a week without the need of charging it again. Well, that is now possible!

A firm called Intelligent Energy has made a remarkable achievement for the iPhone’s battery life. They managed to put a hydrogen cell into an iPhone without making any major external changes to the design - which as you can imagine is truly spectacular.

Hydrogen is combined with Oxygen to produce electricity and the by-products (waste) are small amounts of water and heat. Now that is not too bad for a product like iPhone. Some cars are being incorporated with Hydrogen fuel cells already.

iPhone 6 in store

To ‘charge’ or refuel the hydrogen cell, you have to plug it in via the headphone socket. But the British firm mentioned that in future there will be a separate cartridge to refuel.

The best thing about this news is that the firm is actually working with Apple! So we might see iPhones with week-long battery life in the not-too-distant future.

This is definitely great progress in the breakthrough with battery technology for not just iPhone but smartphones in general.


(via Telegraph)

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