Facebook’s Recent Upgrade Fixes Battery Problems

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Facebook recently upgraded it’s Facebook for iOS app after receiving complaints that it was draining battery; in fact, Facebook acknowledged that it’s app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was depleting battery for iOS devices. Well, to correct that issue, Facebook released an upgrade with version 42.0.

Facebook Battery Problem

Facebook’s engineering manager for Facebook for iOS app recently explained why the battery drainage was occurring and some other misconceptions. Here is the explanation in bullet form.

  • Facebook for iOS app had a “CPU spin”, which kept requesting the Facebook server for information even though when it wasn’t needed.
  • Facebook app was running audio in the background even when a video was not being played after closing the video.
  • The location feature was not the cause of the battery drainage which many people expected it to be.

Facebook numbers

The update has been released and many people are reporting that it does improve battery life, although there is no concert evidence supporting it.

In the coming days we will see proof if it indeed does fix the battery problem. Until then update to Facebook version 42.0 and see for yourself if the issue gets fixed.

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