3D Touch On iPhone Can Be Used To Weigh Objects (Video)

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Your iPhone can do a lot of things and in that process it has made a number of instruments redundant such as a compass, calculator, voice memos and much more. But can it replace one more measuring instrument - the weight machine? Not quite yet but it might be able to do in future!

A developer has created an app that uses the iPhone’s 3D touch screen to measure the weight. Wait, let me rephrase this; the iPhone’s 3D touch can give you a comparison of which objects (in this case plums) weigh more - it’s an ingenious idea that has been implemented fairly good.

The app called plum-o-meter, because it only measures plums for now, can differentiate which plum weights more. It does this by calculating the force which is applied on the screen and displaying the result in terms of a percentage value.


Right now the app, which is available on GitHub, as an open source project compares small objects and displays the percentage value of which one relative to the force being applied on the screen. Mind you, it is not going to replace your weighing machine - well, at least for now.

The developer behind this has mentioned that he might incorporate actual weighing options in future. But for now, you still might want to hold on to your weighing machine.

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