Apple Bringing In ‘Siri in Arabic’ On iOS 9.2

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Apple has not only been improving Siri with each update but it has been adding new languages to it. Keeping with that tradition, Apple is going to add another language to Siri in the up-coming iOS firmware: iOS 9.2.

Currently iOS 9.2 is in beta and Apple is testing and improving to make sure it tweaks and kicks out those bugs. While doing that, Apple is adding some new features to it as well. And, one of the biggest features; especially for those who speak Arabic, is going to be Arabic in Siri.

Siri Arabic

The above image shows Siri being activated in Arabic on an iPad, which comes via 9to5mac, a trusted source regarding Apple news.

Below is a video showing what appears to be Siri running on an iPhone, although the validity can not be confirmed.

iOS 9.2 is going to focus on optimizing the software, especially after some users reported that Touch ID has not been working properly on iOS 9.1.

Apple recently opened a mega-store in Dubai, so it’s keeping Arabic speakers in mind. It’s a great step for Apple to make Siri be accessible to more users.

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