Facebook’s New Feature Will Help You Through A Break-up

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Facebook is bringing tons of new features almost every week, each with its own pros and cons. But the latest update from Facebook is a pretty interesting one, especially for those people who are going through a break-up or don’t want to have too much contact with their ex.

Generally whenever a relationship ends, either the person removes them as friends or completely blocks them. So to “improve the experience when relationship ends”, Facebook is introducing a bunch of new features that would allow you to remain ‘friends’ with you ex but won’t get much of them.

Some of these features are:

  • See less of your ex’s: Facebook posts, pictures, suggestions and when it comes to tagging them in pictures it won’t show their name.
  • Your former partner will see less pictures, videos and status updates.
  • See all the previous pictures of you guys together and decide whether to untag or remove them.

Facebook break up

Currently this feature has only been rolled to mobile users in United States. Other countries will follow suit.

It is an interesting take by Facebook relating to relationships. What are your thoughts on this?

(Via Facebook newsroom).

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  1. This would have been good to me a while ago. I ended up taking her off my Facebook. I did not want to but I couldn’t keep getting my heart stomped on. It was to hard for me. It was even harder not to have her in my life. I wanted to marry her! Had it planned and everything. Then she came home 1 night didn’t say a word to me and left me for her Boss. Engaged no longer! Been alone ever since. It’s been 3 years and all I want is some to love me.

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