Facebook Messenger To Get Facial AI Recognition

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Facebook has been growing steadily and improving its underlying technology on the platform. And, keeping with that tradition Facebook is going to roll out a major update to its messaging platform - Facebook Messenger. Messenger is going to get facial Artificial Intelligence recognition.

Now before you go and say that this is a complete new technology; well it’s not. In fact this technology is already available in the main Facebook app. It’s the one that let’s people tag their friends on Facebook photos.

Once the update is available for everyone, you will be able to see the friends who are in the photos you send on Messenger, and share those pictures with them.

The reason why Facebook is incorporating this tech in its Messenger app is because it wants people to be more engaged, especially considering Facebook has 1.01 billion active users a day - which as you can image is staggering!

The update is not going to be available for everyone as the update is going to be rolled out to people in Australia first. There is no word on when the update will be rolled out to every country but it is expected that it will be available soon.

This is definitely great news for those people who use Messenger on a regular base. Any thoughts?

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