This Might Be The Google Glass 2 (Image)

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Google Glass was thought to be a revolutionary product and if we were to believe the hype, it indeed was looking to be as revolutionary as the iPhone. But it didn’t live up to the hype for various reasons and for a long time we didn’t hear about it as we thought Google Glass was dead. But it seems that Google Glass is going to come back stronger than ever!

Google Glass 2

Google this year mentioned that they were going to stop selling the Google Glass Explorer edition, many thought it was the death of Glass. But it seems that Google had different plans for the wearable device. Some of these plans are starting to emerge today.

Google filed a patent for a new device which surfaced today with the United States Patent and Trademark Office showing a wearable device that resembles extremely close to the Google Glass we had seen before.

Google Glass 2 mount

Gone are the days in which the Google Glass looked like a spectacle. The new Google Glass 2 has a complete new design.

The redesign makes use of the ear and the backside of the head to make it more comfortable for the user to wear. In fact this new redesign actually looks more futuristic than the original Google Glass.

Google Glass 2

There is no official confirmation from Google whether this is the Google Glass 2 or not but from what we are hearing, this is how the Google Glass 2 might look like.


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