Take a Look at This iPhone Concept That Will Never Be Real

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We have seen a lot of concepts for the iPhone and a lot of them bring something completely new to the ‘concept-market’ and this is definitely one of them. But unlike some previous concept, this one will never come to market and rightfully so.

If you ever had a problem with cracked screens or your phone breaking due to falling down from tables or anywhere, this might be the iPhone for you dubbed as the “iPhone 7”, which will be released in 2016. So what’s the big deal about it? Well, it has pressure sensitive sensors that will make it have a ‘parachute landing’ when it falls from a height.

This iPhone 7 concept shows that it will have CO2 tank that will release the gas in order for it to have a soft landing.

iPhone 7 parachute

Check out the video embedded below:

To some this iPhone 7 concept might be cool but for me this concept looks very stupid. No offense to the people who made this but I don’t see the point of this when you can have covers that do the exact job without adding any more things to an iPhone.

Anyways what do you think about this iPhone 7 concept?

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