How To Register UDID For Free To Install iOS 7 Beta!

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iOS 7, Apple’s most advanced operating system has been released only to developers. But the non-developers amongst us can’t legally download and install iOS 7 beta 1, but there is a way. To legally install iOS 7 beta 1 you need to register your UDID with Apple’s servers, but unfortunately it costs money. But guess what folks? Maypalo is going to register UDIDs’ for absolutely free! Read below to find out the details.

Register UDID For Free

Unique Developer IDentification or more commonly known as UDID is a way for Apple to authenticate whether a device is indeed from a registered developer account or not. When a person registers for a developer account, paying $99 per year, he/she is allowed to register 99 UDIDs’ per account. Which basically means, a developer can register up to 99 different iOS devices with Apple’s servers, which is more than enough per person. That is why you see many developers selling UDIDs’ for a fee. But, we here at Maypalo love our readers and will not charge for this, that’s why we are registering for free!

As you can imagine, there are literally thousands of people who would want to register their UDID but it is not possible to register all of them for free, as we do not have that many accounts. But we can do is, register a small number of UDIDs’ for free.

Complete review of iOS 7

So how can you get your UDID registered for free? We will require to very simple tasks, to “Follow” us on Twitter and “Like” our Facebook fan page. Once you are done with that fill out the form and we will email you letting you know that your UDID (for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) has been registered.

Click here to “like” our Facebook fan page.

Click here to “Follow us on Twitter.

Once you are done with that fill out the form below.

Note: We are asking for Twitter Handle (name) and Facebook profile URL so we can confirm that you have indeed liked our Facebook page and followed us on Twitter.

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Please note that we can not register each and every request we get due to the limited number of UDID registrations slots we have. If you have been selected we will email you within 24 hours letting you know that your UDID has been registered for free and that you can install iOS 7 beta.

The best thing about registering your UDID is that once it is done, you will be able to install all future betas without any problem.

Those of you who can’t wait to install iOS 7 beta 1, we have a guide to show you how to install it without a developer account. Simply click on the link below.

Install iOS 7 beta 1 without a developer account.

Well while you are waiting, what are your thoughts on iOS 7? Drop a comment below.

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70 Comments to How To Register UDID For Free To Install iOS 7 Beta!

  1. Alex Aquino

    Yeh, yeh yeah… Waiting anxiously the gift for inslalling IOS 7 🙂

    Thanks Maypalo… Keep it going.

  2. Whopper Junior

    Guys look, just download the torrent version of iOS 7 and then…

    1. Plug in your iPhone into iTunes
    2. Then press SHIFT+Update button and select the .ipsw.
    3 Let it install and WA-LA you have iOS 7.

    Email me if you want to help… [email protected]

  3. bhawani chauhan

    Sorry did wrong while giving my twiter name i am filling the form again just to make it right not doing it for extra registration…………sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. vivek parashar

    i have liked fb and twitter pages of maypalo since the iphone 4 factory unlock contest. i did not get my unlock then even though i was third in the contest, i hope i win this one though..

    one question - in the submission form, udid is my apple id?

  5. Joao Pedro Pinheiro

    Sent my details just now! Please maypalo, register me so that I can update my iPhone always!

  6. Brady Keegan

    You guys have a pretty great tech blog from the looks of it, i will definatly stay tuned! Thanks for providing this service!

  7. Hey, could you tell us when you cut us off, I put one in nearly as soon as this was published, but have not recieved an email, even though others have

  8. bhawani chauhan

    its been 24 hours maypalo let me know if i did anything wrong waiting eagerly for my registration…………..keep up the good work guyzzzzzzzz

  9. About 23h and 30mins have passed since I registered my UDID with you… Why is this taking such a long time? Is there somethings wrong with my details?

  10. Avaro rodriguez

    Por favor indíquenos si van a darnos el registro de udid sino para no perder más el tiempo ya han pasado dos días y nada que se registra.

  11. Murariu Adrian

    Name: Murariu Adrian
    UDID: 197d3a720e34a2eb515cf9ce1538b9eddddb98df

    My iPhone 4S is stuck on activation faze, pls register my UDID. Thanks!

  12. Kingdom War At

    my name:woo kcha whey
    my Email:[email protected]

    pls help,i have upgrade to ios7 beta.but before that i never read to get free register get stucking on active

    hope can help me soon.

    and support Maypalo !! i will keep sharing for you.

  13. already installed it and i swear it doesnt work. ;( ;(
    i updated with the shift+click method and it installed but it says activation error. my ipads bricked PLZZ i neeed it!!
    my parents are gonna kill me if they find out

  14. With the Kindness of the bottom of yours hearts, may sum body please add me to there Developers account.[35c7b2bc1dcdf8e6e4f536eec1ae9a1874e10cb0]

  15. Pete Jopson

    .. thx guys .. hope I am not too late for ur free UDID rego. 🙂
    I did a reset on iPad using iOS 7 beta 2 after endless crashes & have now been blocked out for not having a register UDID.
    Now my iPad 3 is stuck waiting for registration.
    My dev account needs renewal $99 .. 🙁 .. soon .. lol
    My iPad 2 is Jb’n on iOS 6 .. so at least I have that as a backup.
    Hey about what I think of iOS 7 ?
    Cheers now .. Pete

  16. Chris Hernandez

    I really hope I can get a free UDID. 😀 iOS 7 Beta 4 just came out today and I really want to install it. :3

  17. I’m locked out of my phone because I installed the beta without a developer account, it would be truly appreciated if you could register my UDID, thank you. 9870d56f799fb4f40d17bb7fa1156c49800dc497
    Thank you in advance, it would truly be appreciated if you could do this.

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