Teen Hacks Airline - Steals $170,000!

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We have seen a lot of hacks this year, targeting different companies with different motives. Airlines have been targeted a lot this year, especially airlines from America, but today we have different airline and that is a Chinese airline. A hacker went after a Chinese airline and stole a truck lot of money.

A 19-year old Chinese hacker stole 1.1 million yuan ($170,000) from an airline between July 31st and August 22 according to People’s Daily Online.

The teen hacked into the airline’s system and defrauded a lot of customers. He did this by contacting travelers and telling them that their ticket was canceled and that they need to re-book the flight. He made the money from the people who rebooked those flights.


Fortunately police has arrested the 19-year old who conducted the hack. Currently we do not know what charges are going to be put forth against him.

The airline lost around $12,000 from repaying customers but the PR damage has been dealt.

(Via Yahoo! News)

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